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  1. look at this i got scammed not a fake bot but the selling system is broken as hell im quitting this shitty scamming website look at this a scattergun a warpaint night owl factory new worth 7 refinds and a basic killstreak kit for scattergun 30 refinds and the selling price for my scattergun is 2.88 refinds? what the fuck is wrong with you

  2. hello gell, have you heard about this amazing website called marketplace.tf?

  3. We have identified the users responsible and banned them. Thank you for your report.
  4. Toyin

    I Just traded the auction bot and it took my hat. I need it back now please.

    1. Thulm
    2. lesse


      Please go to the "refunds" section, do not ask for help in status updates

    3. KarlZobok


      Go to the site inventory...

  5. Hi My items are stuck in the auction bot and it has been 3 days with nothing about when they will be fixed. i received the error saying the items were not in the bot eventhough they are i believe this happened because the key value went up and the bot got confused. At the moment i am down 34 keys and have people offering me on the items that are stuck but i have to tell them to wait which makes me look bad as a trader. please fix this issue thank you. 

  6. I can't find any evidence that you're being affected by problem #2. Your item has been fixed and can be withdrawn.
  7. This has been fixed. The bug causing it to occur was fixed some time ago, but your item was uploaded before then. This should not happen again.
  8. This has been fixed. You should be able to withdraw your auction now.
  9. Geel

    Auction Bugs List

    1, 2, 3, and 4 have been fixed. I'll leave 5 for Jesse. 6 is not a bug.
  10. This is a forum relating to scrap.tf, not any number of other websites. Take this elsewhere please.
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