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  1. So uh....ever heard anything about S T U N T S ?
  2. Do you live in a rock or something?
  3. Two questions? What, are you crazy?
  4. Ace

    Corrupt a wish :3

    JUSTICE SHALL BE SERVED! However...you are not a saint, we all know that. Justice starts with you, being incredibly severe. Are you up to sacrifice your life and spirit for the world? Not to mention, your family isn't free of sin and crime. What have you caused? For my wish, I wish to be the ultimate funnyman
  5. Today, I found something disturbing in TF2...

  6. So, I was playing today with a friend, and we noticed something weird...Aside of hackers (allegedly) on the other team, plus a Soldier apparently killing me with...a wrench, there's something even more disturbing that happened suddenly... As the second round started, I pressed TAB for a moment, and noticed that RED and BLU was replaced by "Team Rikaii" and "her" profile picture (Seeing the user's profile, apparently it's a she, but I'm not entirely sure, but for the porpuses it'll be a she). So, when we lost the match, I took a screenshot of it: Sorry if it's too big, but I don't remember how to make spoiler tags. if a mod can add them if necessary, be my guess. Anyways....What is this? Is it a feature? Was it because this "Rikaii" person was MVP last round? Is this user a hacker and somehow did something to an official Casual Valve server? I'm so baffled....For a moment, I thought I was playing in a community server but...it's an official dedicated Valve server, so what happened? If any of you guys know the deal with this, whereas a feature or a weird hack....do let me know, because this is really freaky. EDIT 1: I checked Rikaii's profile, as I said earlier and she has zero VAC bans, so...not sure if she's a hacker or a Valve employee, which I highly doubt is the latter, at least.
  7. Banned for a totally original reason that hasn't been done before to ban you
  8. You are banned because you remind me of Ash and you know what he is... }
  9. The TF logo is one of the best unusual effects in my opinion. It's sweet to have the logo of the game around instead of something weird like....pixel...ghosts
  10. If I win again, I promise to eat the pizza in your face
  11. Oh that would be terrible, I guess, to get more knowledge?
  12. Banned for having a DEMON
  13. Thanks, glad to be back!!! Been busy with college, but going there. Hope you guys are doing well on your lives
  14. The Geel of my days...

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