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  1. I've bought the Valve Complete Pack so I have all the Valve games, and I'm using Linux so Payday, Undertale, Saints Row, Metal Gear and Spore etc. won't work. I also don't care for The Binding of Isaac's artsyle, I do like that type of game though. I've also played through Cave Story on the Wii and it was really good, but I don't really want to buy it for the computer. I also don't really like horror games I hope that's enough for you Also my GPU sucks (I'm planning on getting a new soon though) so older and/or not as GPU intensive games are nice
  2. I have $40 on Steam and I can't decide what games to get my computer specs are: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS AMD Phenom II X4 810 8gbs of RAM Radeon HD 4200 with 256mbs of VRAM if you guys could suggest some games to me I'd be very grateful
  3. did the daily raffle for the 17th bug out? I could have swore we filled it with a half hour to spare

    1. PhantomProgrammer


      Well, in any case, it's fixed now. :)

    2. DevoidChaos | Team Pyro

      DevoidChaos | Team Pyro

      yup, I guess it just took awhile to make the raffle

  4. wooo, 70th or 71st post come on guys we're almost there
  5. so what does everyone think of secret Santa so far? I rather like it
  6. at the time of this post Secret Santa is 7 hours away, I cant wait
  7. come on guys, I know we can get to 88 before Christmas
  8. This is the Soldier loadout I hope to have some day (I would have added the Kill-a-Watt effect, but it was broken)
  9. wow, just past the half way mark, I hope we get to 88 soon
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