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  1. Banned because you're a donator and I'm not
  2. I HIGHLY recommend to watch this video for the Engineer tips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk-6NXCo5ZA It covers every Engineer aspect from the really basic one to the expert Yes it's outdated, but it's still viable And read some TF2 guides from the Steam Community too, there're a lot of good guides there
  3. I think you get it wrong. The person you're getting gift from and the person you giving gift is different, and (maybe) chosen random from the system. You can't choose your "Santa"
  4. 1. Who you are asking to? If Geel and Jesse, then of course, they made this site to make profit anyway, especially from banking thingy. If it's Mod, S-Mod or any other staff, maybe, I don't know 2. Pretty much they get profit from in-game currencies, some real-money from donators. They can trade those to real money anyway 3. Geel is gud, Geel is life. Gaben is overrated
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