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  1. Try to negotiate a price on backpack.tf I would go for about ~80 keys since it's field tested
  2. I just made a raffle where i am raffling Rescue Ranger, and since i have 1 untradeable and 1 tradeable. And since it showed my whole backpack, i picked one of the Rescue Rangers for the raffle and i just clicked to trade the items. Then i noticed that it took to long to make an offer and i noticed that i picked the untradeable one. And i wanted to cancel the trade request but it said that i can't remove myself from Queue. Then i waited in hope that trade request will end and that i can choose another Rescue Ranger for trade but. It still made a raffle, with an untradeable item. Please fix this. Raffle: https://scrap.tf/raffles/W9IBD0 Untradeable item: https://imgur.com/a/cZuAe Please do something
  3. This forum is dead. I give up (I'm waiting for three goddamn weeks)
  4. Love or Jojo?

    You can only choose one.

    1. Salted Pyrokip

      Salted Pyrokip

      Darn, I guess no more jojo for me

  5. The closest thing i could find: https://scrap.tf/search
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