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  1. Should happen more often, I have never experienced this kind of fun
  2. The mobile app also sometimes has stupid and annoying problems
  3. What I liked about the update: New maps New Taunts What I disliked about the update: No new comics or even a SFM trailer Skins Contracts Some odd buffs and nerfs You need the Tough Break pass for Winter items
  4. I think its funny, even I hate GTA Online
  5. I think there are the Half Life 2 Beta weapons in the workshop. Also Skyrim map would not work in Source More high quality addons are needed
  6. Fearless City RP. Pretty much only gamemode I have played in a year
  7. I played ClonewarsRP, they said that the server I was playing on was the best of them all, but it was trying to be too serious and failed. One RP I enjoyed was semi-serious RP the Fearless City RP. I love that gamemode. I have almost 600 hours on the servers
  8. May I ask, but is there a good reason to spend EP on the Santa Hat since it doesn't do anything? Would it be better to spend the points on unlocking the daily raffle and getting tickets to it?



      Why spend EP on daily raffle or on tickets m8

    2. TheSiphon


      Because then people can win items, not just you, but everybody. 

      Santa hat gives you nothing and doesn't benefit others

  9. I started making SFM videos about a year ago, I only have gotten 180 hours during this year, the problem is that I cannot think of anything. No good ideas pop into my mind. I have a terrible imagination. So I am asking you for some SFM animation ideas! Nothing too complicated please and I would love Team Fortress 2 ideas. Thank you! I am not advertising, so don't murder me, but here is my channel The Siphon By giving an idea in this thread, you agree to imaginary terms of service. You cannot kill me or my dog if I do not use your idea. All
  10. I WILL BE RICH NOW ! First I need to get buds...
  11. So the End Of The Line update is coming very soon. The new crates are released and the beta map released. So let's hop to the hype train. If you have not seen the EOTL trailer you can check it from here So, the basic idea of the update and SFM: [DO NOT OPEN IF YOU HATE SPOILERS] The End Of The Line map: cp_snowplow LINK FOR A YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE MAP: (random video I found, all credit to "YOGSCAST Nilesy" I have not personally played the map yet (yes, shame on me), but there are some easter eggs. One is a grave with Engineer's toolbox next to it. So maybe some
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