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  1. I'm fairly sure there's stuff like replays and whatnot for the PC, and they did talk about potentially porting those exclusive PS4 features over to PC as well, but that was ages ago and given they've started to focus attention on the development of Indivisible, it's most likely a lost cause.
  2. What do you mean? It always had voice acting :^) I think I know what you mean, and yes, it does have a voiced story mode now, but unfortunately it's only on the recent PS4 port of the game (and eventually the Vita when it comes out of development hell).
  3. An issue I find with the fandom is the fact they spread the game like an entire tub of butter on one slice of bread, and this mostly defeats the purpose of the game. ...which is I'm very glad I managed to buy and play the game without discovering major spoilers on the internet. I do not regret a single moment.
  4. It's not currently possible, no. I'm pretty sure the bounty system was a similar idea, but that didn't turn out too well. Don't get your hopes up for anything like this in the future.
  5. Oh, not at all. It's like a steaming plate of onions, full of trumps and spices.
  6. I've been pondering this ever since Crimefest started. The majority of players I've seen aren't happy with the buff microtransactions and nerfed weapons alongside the heaps of DLC attempting to make an economy, which they say now renders it a pay to win game, and in my opinion they aren't wrong at all. There are the few I've seen who still praise and defend the game, saying that you don't need to buy anything if you don't want to, but really that's not true if you don't want to proceed without bashing your head against a wall. I believe that Overkill were giving the finger to those 30,000+ players who worked hard to band together at once on the Road to Crimefest and tried to attract a entirely new crowd with the 10 day F2P session, as was evidenced by them completely ignoring the criticism during their recent AMA on Reddit. Surprisingly enough, it's worked so far, as player numbers are now at a higher average than they have been since March this year, but whether they stay that way is another question that will only be answered with time. I think I just joined the bandwagon at the wrong time, and now I feel like I'm the butt of the joke. Overkill might try to appease the former players, but it won't heal the scars that have been left.
  7. Also, Mac and Linux versions are out for it and in that pack woop woop
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