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  1. wow ass n titties the ultimate fight
  2. Sexual admirer
  3. You're banned because you think you're so cool and stuff and the old forum meant nothing to you... *cries and runs off*
  4. RIP social life 20XX - doesn't matter i don't have one
  5. I don't like fish but I like zombies so i voted cod 5 for master race
  6. Just what it says on the tin. Rules: -Use your common sense and don't post stuff that you think you'll get in trouble for. Otherwise, let wild. I'll start off with some stuff.
  7. I would be dead before I won the lottery, so I'd donate the funds to a fancy shmancy funeral with sharks and Kevin Bacon and stuff.
  8. Ye cheekeh fookin twat

  9. *racist joke*
  10. cactus my arse r rd_asteroid for teh win
  11. Geel for President in the milennia of Annie.
  12. beep bop boopity bip bop wow
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