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  1. I played a good bit of Soulcalibur V online with some guys who were rather friendly and didn't mind that I button mashed a little. Personally, I preferred Siegfred.
  2. Yeah, no worries. The bots and the counters tend to be rather daft sometimes, so you're not doing anything wrong.
  3. Prices rise and fall all the time, so I'd say you just got the item at the wrong time unfortunately.
  4. Indeed, are you living in the ancient time of 2012, my lad?
  5. Nice to see you, I'm glad you're enjoying it here!
  6. Freedom cheeseburger.
  7. Boom, I broke the train because it was stupid. No need to thank me.
  8. Saxton Hale is Faxton Hale. :^)
  9. Dimitri


    >tfw Annie is top voted Where are you hiding DDB?
  10. Dimitri


    That's what confuses me. She could have ripped off her mask like in Valentine's story (albeit it would be painful) and at least they'd understand. Instead we got... this. Yeah, the vanilla stories weren't very good.
  11. Banned because Riker doesn't need to be cute.
  12. What handy tips or advice would you give someone who has just bought the game and has not played any other Counter-Strike (such as me)?
  13. the ride never ends except when it does
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