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  1. ctf_gorge. Mannpower is a good mode. Prove me otherwise.
  2. Dimitri


    Angel Beats! is hands down my favorite anime. The Kill La Kill Aniplex dub is also pretty good.
  3. Vote for me, and I'll build more orphanages!

  4. Banned for Grinching.
  5. There will be an end in the distant future. It shall come. also what have i done
  6. Your generosity doesn't matter here. Everyone is an equal here.
  7. The thing is, Valve have made it easier for you to stop this happening, so if you fall for it time and time again, it's your own fault.
  8. Meh, depends if it would actually run on something like my laptop, which isn't the worst for games, but wasn't designed for such.
  9. Frankly, you disgust me with your masochistic rantings. There is no need to be acting in such an immature manner, since none of the staff here have done anything wrong. You may need some time to rethink your views, as they may be a little misguided.
  10. Because boingo boingo whoopsie knickers. also illuminati
  11. I commend your stupidity, good sir.
  12. Banned for racial prejudice.
  13. ‚Äčconsider yourself fooled neet
  14. There are servers hosted by Scrap.TF, however they are only activated on special events like Halloween.
  15. A man chooses. A slave obeys.

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