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  1. I can't withdraw anything from raffles I won, I am stuck at the preparing your trade screen!


    nvm, all fixed now :csdsmile:

  2. Yeah, no daily quests either. Can the staff be able to unlock the daily raffles on the days that the bug was affecting the quests?
  3. F40

    Corrupt a wish :3

    Wish granted, you get a nuts and bolts mann co cap. I wish I was a baller.
  4. reduce lag in servers? also second should be vanilla too. no freak fortress deathrun x10 cp_orange trade server.
  5. F40

    You're banned

    Banned for having a reply that can be easily misconstrued.
  6. F40

    You're banned

    Banned for burning soup
  7. F40

    You're banned

    Banned for not telling me what anime is the avatar gif from.
  8. F40

    You're banned

    banned for not being a shark anymore
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