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  1. Finally, people other than me actually saying that it's broken. Every other time I've brought it up (on the site, at least) I either get called "wrong" or the comment gets deleted.
  2. Fair enough. Haven't really ever done much when it comes to pricing
  3. The prices of sold ones on the market seems to be between ~$25 and $45, so maybe around 27 keys
  4. I'd be willing to moderate and promote the servers. I'm in favor of the Class Wars, as it seems to work on most maps I've tried it on. Maybe a server that cycles community maps?
  5. I'll pay 10 shekels for a hug

  6. Banned for using my :^) against me
  7. Banned for assuming I have bonus ducks. I have standard ducks
  8. Banned for not being honest about your feelings
  9. Granted, but it's a gifted duped Nuts n Bolts Dread Knot I wish for a better phone
  10. Banned for being jelly. Jam goes better on toast
  11. Granted, but it's an Untradable, Uncraftable Coupe D'isaster I wish for a decent camera
  12. Banned for not being smart. Education is important, y'know
  13. I'd raffle a Burning TC anyways tbh Granted, but everyone abandons Smash 4 I wish for a Pokemon game that includes every region
  14. Banned for repeated uses of '6'
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