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  1. If you don't put atleast 1 more bot than usual you can be considered moneywhores by a lot of people for adding the ads , i first saw the ads after this update but not even 1 bot added so this is unfair
  2. I've seen that scrap.tf got some new ads , so that means they get a lot more money off this site. I have nothing against that , but i consider we should get more bots like bots to trade our skins to , because there are like 3 type of skins for example a shotgun battle scarred and 3 people sold that shotgun , you should put like 7 skins for a weapon type with the same wear instead of 3 since you got your money from the ads.
  3. First , i did a trade where i wanted the killing gloves of boxing and the family bussiness, i traded it for the soda popper and the eviction notice. First my eviction notice dissapeared , i though it was just a glitch , but now idk how to get it back . Then i traded the bot again ,this time with the soda popper for the reserve shooter , then the soda popper dissapeared , can you please give them back to me ? or give 1 piece of scrap metal to me.
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