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  1. Forks

    An Option To Raffle Away Premium Upgrades

    That feels... wrong. As it was originally a donator thing, it feels weird the ability for someone that doesn't care to suddenly be what once was a donator, even if they're just here for items. Gifting directly is like buying a season pass to an amusement park for a friend that you know will go there as often as they can, while raffling it away is like giving a season pass to the next person in line; they might come every day possible, they might be there for one day.
  2. Forks

    not a bug Cannot Withdraw Raffle Winnings

    encountering the same problem.
  3. Forks


    anyone use the desktop authenticator? any of those in that category not able to use the authentication part of it as of lately? any of those know why? cause I want to know why. best guess is some sort of server communication error.
  4. Forks

    Slight edit to raffle editing.

    You cannot edit the guide for raffles for moderators once the raffle has been formed(much like items, but far more likely to have errors. It'd be a pretty simple fix, pretty much mirroring editing the raffle message, entered message, raffle name, and details. Just a little thing. Please excuse the 1am + distracted English.
  5. Forks

    Shebby's Official QnA

    Where does your cake magically come from? What flavour is the cake? Can I have a piece of your cake?
  6. I tested it in 2 separate bot part bots, and the result was the same; image should explain the issue. claims to require the 3 parts and 0.11 ref(1 scrap), but is requesting an additional 1 scrap for unknown reasons.
  7. Forks

    Broken "Won Raffles" Page

    can I bump this? I want to bump this. there are actually things I want to check to see if I won or not, so... yeah. fix plz.