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  1. I hope the issue fixes for me before my bid expires in Auctions
  2. Recently, I revived my server (Found on my profile) and installed a few essential plugins. However, several requests have brought up the question of: What plugins should we have for our players and admins alike? Of course we have basics, plugins to manage the server and player behaviors, RTD to give some change, voting is installed. But what other plugins should we have installed? We've added a X10 tuesday feature, every tuesday the X10 plugin comes online and we have fun with that for a while. But we need player input if possible. So post any ideas below and we'll decide if we
  3. Reviving my server later today. Anyone got ideas how to make it interesting, but still quickplay eligible?

  4. I keep getting this while accessing the /event page. Happens about 50% of the time on any of my devices. Even when using phone data. Sorry if this is useless but I figured it'd be the best thing I could do.
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