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  1. Bump, still doesn't work for my brass beast, B.A.S.E., sticky jumper, and some others. They're - of course - tradable, I posted a pic a while ago. Had to sell them manually ^^"
  2. And I thought it was just me! Same here, got 3 fan o war, 2 BASE, 2 vitasaw and counting... +1, I guess.
  3. Thanks! It's also the case for other tradable items. I currently own a strange Fan O' War, and I got 3 Unique ones via random drops which are completely tradable. And of course, the autoscrap script completely ignores them. I could easily trade them off manually, but the bug would still be there ^^
  4. Here's the thing : I've been using scrap.tf's "autoscrap" system for a while now, and it's been a week since it won't work properly. For instance : http://imgur.com/a/lECWk Here, you can see I have 2 BASE, but the autoscrap won't recognize one of them. Same for a few other items. Should I report this as a bug?
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