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  1. Hello there. I'm not here to ask for a refund. I wasn't paying much attention and it's entirely my fault, but I felt like reporting the bug anyway. Take a look : (don't pay attention to the cancerous tabs) Don't you see anything odd? Indeed, the bot promised me I'd pay 4.55 when, in reality, it asked for 4.77 (sorry for the bad quality, I don't have WiFi on my computer) I'm not one to complain (I already traded off the hat), but isn't that, like, abnormal?
  2. Bump, still doesn't work for my brass beast, B.A.S.E., sticky jumper, and some others. They're - of course - tradable, I posted a pic a while ago. Had to sell them manually ^^"
  3. And I thought it was just me! Same here, got 3 fan o war, 2 BASE, 2 vitasaw and counting... +1, I guess.
  4. Thanks! It's also the case for other tradable items. I currently own a strange Fan O' War, and I got 3 Unique ones via random drops which are completely tradable. And of course, the autoscrap script completely ignores them. I could easily trade them off manually, but the bug would still be there ^^
  5. Here's the thing : I've been using scrap.tf's "autoscrap" system for a while now, and it's been a week since it won't work properly. For instance : http://imgur.com/a/lECWk Here, you can see I have 2 BASE, but the autoscrap won't recognize one of them. Same for a few other items. Should I report this as a bug?
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