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  1. I would just like to bump this as from my perspective there doesn't seem to be any acknowledgement of this issue as well as if there is or will be a solution to it. Thank you and sorry if I sound impatient
  2. As someone who auctions off a handful of items I like the 24 hour window. I might not auction off as frequently as others or as much but if there wasn't a time limit or if there was lets say a week to pay off your items it would actually be worse. Here are a few of my personal experiences with this. I have had multiple auctions where someone would bid the same items on multiple auctions so they might win more than one auction with the same bid but only one person actually gets paid leaving the others to wait a day then redo the auction. Related to that I had someone post in the comments that they traded one of their items in a non-scrap.tf trade so they couldn't complete the payment that way. Those are unfair for the other bidders as well as the auctioneers as bidders missed out on an item that they wanted and the auctioneer has to relist their item with the hope that the other bidders try to find it again. As for the bans and the 24 hour turn around for payment. Even as a bidder I feel this is more than enough time. It wasn't even a substantial bid, if anything I think the winning bid was a ref or two above the actual value of the item but even after seeing that the winner was online multiple times on steam and scrap.tf during that 24 hour period and still did not complete the payment got me concerned. I have bid on a few auctions myself and during those times I was busy working retail or doing things around my house. However, I was still responsible in paying for an item in an auction that I was committed to get. Scrap.tf is mobile-friendly it may take a bit longer but i have completed auction payments through my phone, it took me about a minute to do. I even made sure that when I made trades during the time of the auction that I didn't touch the items that I used in the bids. It simply baffles me to see people complain about only having 24 hours to pay off a bid when there are multiple ways to access the website and complete it in a short amount of time. If it was a week away before the auction ended that is understandable but most should know what they are doing the next day or two and should be capable of planning accordingly. If you are planning on committing to something on an auction really think about it before you bid because if you don't truly intend on completing the payment or can't hold onto those items for a few days then it is unfair for both sides, the auctioneer and your fellow bidders who are part of the scrap.tf community.
  3. Oh okay, so it automatically adjusts the value of items that you bid. Thank you for clarifying
  4. Sorry I wasn't aware that there was a permanent ban in place, I thought it was just a few days/week that just repeated. Sorry 3xlneet #ScrapTF you can close this thread.
  5. I've noticed that in a handful of my auctions that people will fail to complete the payment on an auction and I've even noticed it on snipers as well. Whats the point in sniping unless you just intend to troll? Even though there are auction bans its only a few days which isn't that big of a deal to most. If a longer auction ban, like a week or two, won't be approved then I think that auctioneer should be able to view stats of the bidders. Only simple information Total Auctions Won: and Total Payments Completed: or Total Auction Bans:. This could help bidders commit to their bid, prevent trolls, and allow trustworthy bidders to get the item that you know they will pay for which saves time for both parties. This has happened to me too many times to count and i'm sure its frustrating for the bidders as well as myself. Thank you.
  6. I first noticed this when someone bid a Sharp Dresser and it was valued at 2.77 ref but the bid was also 2.77 ref. This current bid adds up to 5.11 ref. Both bids were unaffected by the Item Factor percentage. Thank you for your help
  7. It has come to my attention today that craft numbers no longer appear on the top of the item's image and you have to hover your mouse over the item one by one to view craft numbers. This is a concern for me because of my auction series as well as I personally collect craft numbered items. I would greatly appreciate it if this issue was fixed. Thank you in advanced for the help.
  8. I apologize for bumping my thread I didn't mean to come off as rude or impatient. Thank you for fully explaining it to me. I just wanted to see the admin's point of view and to see this situation from both ends. I understand why that type of raffle is not allowed and against the rules and I will make sure to not create that type of raffle. Thank you again for taking the time to explain this to me and you may close this thread if you would like.
  9. I want to bump this post with a recent raffle that I felt was relavent to this topic https://scrap.tf/raffles/EAZRLY As you can see, simply celebrating getting 200 subs and now when I check it there are 206 subs. Its possible they could be people from scrap.tf or just other random people but that was not his intention when making the raffle. P.S. I already got permission from Pops to use this raffle as an example to further support my inquiry regarding this topic
  10. Yeah It would also help to see how many people might be interested in an item. We know that awps are popular but how many people are interested in certain cosmetics for example.
  11. I have had two auctions within the past week who traded their items away shortly after they bid with those items in my auctions therefore failed to pay within 24 hours after the auction ended. If I was able to see everyone who bid on my item I could see who the second highest bidder was and offer the item to them if they still wanted it. It seems like a simple enough idea in theory and would also be cool to see if you happened to miss a bid war for your item while you were gone. This would of course only be visible to the auctioneer. I would really appreciate it if I got some feedback on this or at least some acknowledgement, thank you for your time.
  12. So I was in the chat earlier speaking with Moonie regarding the twitch raffle bot and streaming. I will paste the conversation below. I am not the best at condensing information sometimes but I'll do my best here but keep the original text below. Basically I had concerns since we are not allowed to promote/advertise our own twitch channel and stream but there is a raffle bot solely for twitch. After clarification and a short discussion everything has been cleared out but the end of the conversation I brought up one final question. What if you made a raffle saying "Hey I'm streaming + free things" I'm not exactly telling people to visit my channel and I'm not providing a link but it is also in that grey area. Moonie suggested that I create this post in suggestions here if this is the wrong place for this post I apologize. Thank you for taking the time to read everything and I hope this can be clarified a little better for the future as well. 9:13:29 PM D BlueInferno: So, I know that I cannot advertise my twitch channel at all or say that I'm streaming unless I'm streaming directly on steam etc. but what confuses me is that I cannot do that and that's against the rules however there is a dedicated twitch raffle bot used only for twitch streamers to have raffles for their viewers/followers on their channel Admin Moonie: The reason why that bot was made and the reason why we have twitch raffles, is because they're mainly supposed to be unlisted. They shouldn't be public, nor should they be used to advertise the stream in any way. You can use the raffle on your stream, but the contents of the raffle must not display anything relating to your twitch aka a link to it, saying what your channel is, stuff like that. D BlueInferno: I understand that, I just meant that hypothetically if a lot of people were to watch me stream tf2 and there was a scrapt.tf twitch raffle on the stream but none of those people use or will use scrap.tf then there isn't much point to the raffle but if members of scrap.tf were aware of the stream and wanted to watch then the raffle would have a lot more people enter. I understand that you can donate and pay money to the streamer on twitch but that isn't my intention. I guess I'm just overthinking this whole situation haha 9:22:07 PM D BlueInferno: *Forgot to add I know that is one reason why scrap.tf doesn't allow twitch advertising 9:25:17 PM Admin Moonie: I'm unsure what you're trying to get at with that, honestly. As much as that isn't your intention, we still do not allow said content on raffles. But, what I don't understand what you're trying to get at with the part about users who want to watch you play TF2 but don't join the on-going scrap.tf raffle (either due to not using scrap.tf or not wanting to join it), and users who're aware of the stream and wanted to watch, then the raffle would have more people. I just don't understand that because, well, I'm unsure why I don't understand it. I know what you mean, but I don't understand the complaint is what I'm saying D BlueInferno: the more we're talking about it the more I understand. I simply wanted to start streaming and have big raffles for the people who are watching but if people don't know about my stream then there won't be many people in the raffle. but i understand why they are two separate things i'm sorry for all the trouble and all the confusion Moonie i think at this point i'm even confusing myself about the whole situation 9:33:48 PM Admin Moonie: I'm assuming what you're saying is, if users were to see a raffle about a stream and felt like watching it, then the raffle would get more attention, but as far as I know, most users would just open the raffle, click enter raffle and close the page, so you're bound to get a lot of entries, but probably not a lot of live viewers. But I'll say this much, it's not visability we care about when it comes to advertising, it's the content we care about, or atleast, that's what I care about. We don't want our raffles to be filled with "<stuff about stream> <stream link>" or "<stuff about their youtube channel> <youtube link + message about subscribing, liking and favouriting>" 24/7 and not seeing the community it's self getting a chance to express their self in some way, because the raffles would be bombarded with advertisments everywhere, and users who aren't advertising would either want to raffle less, or not raffle at all because they're becoming less noticed. I don't mind the confusion, and there's no trouble about it. I can understand if people want to be able to give their self a stage of some sort to become more noticed, but allowing one thing, may allow too many things after it. 9:37:56 PM D BlueInferno: Yeah, if you make one exception for one person then it'll turn into "how come they can and I can't" I understand that. I'll just hope that it'll grow with time. I want to double check one more thing. So it includes everything right? I couldn't even say "Hey I'm on steam streaming oh and have some free things" right? I just like to cover all my bases before hand so I don't get yelled at 9:38:38 PM D BlueInferno: and i've seen those advertisement raffles sometimes before they get banned so I'm aware of how bad that can get and i see your point of view behind the whole situation 9:39:45 PM Admin Moonie: Now, just mentioning "I'm streaming!", that's something I'm unsure about, I mean, it's just a friendly reminder, I don't know if I'd really consider that to be advertising, however, others might think otherwise. And that's where we come to a standing point where "Do we allow this or do we not allow this?" At the end of the day, things like that becomes a big question which may or may not get answered.
  13. What bothers me more is a lot of people are having the same or a similar issue but all are being thrown into one thread and it doesn't seem like there is any acknowledgement or any action being taken. I'm sure if it was a missing unusual or a 10 key raffle it might be different. If I'm wrong I apologize for sounding rude. UPDATE: My notification showed up and I am in the queue to retrieve my item so I guess something got fixed
  14. I was one of the ones who won this raffle earlier https://scrap.tf/raffles/7SZ2KK I was notified that I had won but I'm unable to withdraw the item that I had won. Multiple others commented saying they have been unable to take their item as well. I found this topic from a couple of weeks ago so it may be a recent bug but I also know that it has been fixed in the past. Thank you in advance for your help.
  15. When the key buy/sell prices increased an extra .33 ref some auctions that people bid a key said that the highest bid was 22 ref even though the current highest bid is a key. I was able to bid 1 key which replaced the previous 1 key bid simply because of the price change and the auction thought that the highest bid was 22 ref.
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