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Found 21 results

  1. The new spell icons are not being properly resized in the scrap.tf chat. That is all.
  2. Hello ScrapTF Staff It has come to my attention, that i'm unable to make a raffle using my Wii U, DSi and 3DS. I am quite unsure why I can't make a raffle on these amazing devices. But I simply cannot click the "Make a public raffle" button, using those devices. Whenever I click the "Make a public raffle" button, nothing happens, same with the other options for making a raffle. I tried making a raffle from my PC / Android phone, and then going into my Wii U / DSi / 3DS to edit the raffle. But unfortunately i'm unable to do that aswell. It would be totally cool if you fixed this major bug for Wii U, DSi and 3DS users Thanks for reading Cheers! - Mint Egg (Zippo)
  3. Basically the same issue as this, except that instead of affecting all items since Tough Break, it affects only all taunts since Tough Break and all other items since Smissmass 2018.
  4. So I got this issue. When someone donates me an item(s) during the stream using tip page, Donation(s) don´t show on donators page. Even tho i can see items in site inventory. Can someone tell me why it is like this and if it will even show in there?
  5. I thought I had accidentally cancelled a report I made, so I tried yet again, and made absolutely sure I hit report instead of close, but even so, the pending report thing didn't show up at the top of the window where it usually sits. To make things more confusing, I can't even see the report I made in its usual sub-directory. By the way, apologies to the staff for making two reports on the same person, assuming the report feature isn't completely broken right now. I was unaware of this bug, which is what I will assume it is.
  6. Badge builder gives an incomplete list of badges that changes on each refresh and gives links to someone else's Steam profile as seen in screenshot. Autoleveler gives completely different pricing and level options on each refresh.
  7. I tried to create a raffle a few days ago https://scrap.tf/raffles/1XF3UR and the raffle creation failed after a few minutes of the bot trying to create the trade offer. I tried to create another raffle with the same cards and it failed immediately. https://scrap.tf/raffles/MXQS2Z Now when I go to create a new raffle my item limit is 70 (100 - the 30 items from 1XF3UR). Lukiday from support chat asked me to report the bug here. I have verified I have no unwithdrawn items from previous raffles.
  8. https://scrap.tf/raffles/1T4ARZ missing schema item. reporting the raffle and I get this https://scrap.tf/viewreports/20712
  9. This is what I get when I try to access the megaraffle for the past week. It only does this for that page and only that page. I haven't seen any announcements or anyone else talking about it so I'm assuming it's a bug
  10. Often, Scrap.tf messes up, and this happens: https://scrap.tf/raffles/3W5XNO (Or this: https://scrap.tf/raffles/W8PYO8)
  11. A user came into support recently having an issue buying hats because it said that he could not afford the hat, even though he was trading in several items that were worth more than the hat he was buying. It turned out one of the items was overstocked in the specific bot that he was assigned to, but did not notify the user that it was overstocked at all, instead opting to simply remove the hat from the trade which made him unable to pay for the item. Example: User selects hat X to buy from global buy menu. They select hats 1 2 and 3 to pay for said item which combined, are the cost of hat X When they go to trade the items, the bot realizes it has too many of hat 2 and subtracts it from the trade The value of the other two hats isn't enough to pay for hat X, so the bot cancels the trade and displays a "You cannot afford this" Error The user is not notified at all that hat 2 is overstocked The solutions I would advise is either having the buy menu select a different bot with hat X that isnt overstocked on any of the trade in hats and/or displaying an error that one of the hats they are using to pay is overstocked and therefore cannot be used to buy the item. Hope this is useful.
  12. Hello. i found a bug. we can sell weapon with skin in weapon banking for price of normal weapon.
  13. My trade count on my profile has been stuck on 9,327 for a week now. I've done plenty of trading in the meantime but the count doesn't seem to update. Is there a way to fix?
  14. In this screenshot you can see my coin is not tradeable But yet on creating a raffle you can choose to select it for the raffle. Not sure what happens when if I went and created the raffle but I don't think non-tradeable items show be shown
  15. While searching for deals on "Auctions", I came across multiple auctions for reskins that were all grayed out, as shown in these few examples: - https://scrap.tf/auctions/76XRXC - https://scrap.tf/auctions/YSLRO1 - https://scrap.tf/auctions/8MM6T9 - https://scrap.tf/auctions/TWJ1QT - https://scrap.tf/auctions/8DVWWF And I know this can't be planned, because when I go to the Reskin Bots, at first it shows all the skins without their proper colored borders to show what "grade" they are, but after refreshing once, it fixes itself. However, I tried doing the same by refreshing each auction I listed, and even the whole Auction page where the auction is found, yet they still stay in a black, colorless colored border. Not too sure what's happening here, but I felt like it was important enough to report this potential bug in the Auction system. EDIT: It appears to also occur from time to time in the raffle listings themselves too.
  16. Yeah, 10 minutes ago i was reviewing unusuals hats. after selecting some hats and click on paying option, the bot put a lot of unusuals hats ( like 200+ keys) in exchange for 9 keys and some ref. I already have screenshots of this, but i can't post it because ppl can take advantage of this.
  17. So i was in the one million users raffle and in the holiday event Yet i have never gotten any of the badges.
  18. I was going to post this earlier, but I forgot and I didn't have a way of showing what happened at the time. But I do now. When scrolling on the said poll on your phone (like this https://captain.feen.us/q7ql8s.gif ) the poll size gets bigger and bigger eventually stretching the box it's contained in into a rectangle (also happens when you resize your window https://captain.feen.us/hryjl4.gif ) Not very important at all, but if you scroll a lot in one poll page on your phone it can get quite long. Take your time with this, it isn't very game breaking. Cheers. Captain. PS: They are links on purpose. I deemed them too big to embed so you will have to click them yourself.
  19. Hello there. I'm not here to ask for a refund. I wasn't paying much attention and it's entirely my fault, but I felt like reporting the bug anyway. Take a look : (don't pay attention to the cancerous tabs) Don't you see anything odd? Indeed, the bot promised me I'd pay 4.55 when, in reality, it asked for 4.77 (sorry for the bad quality, I don't have WiFi on my computer) I'm not one to complain (I already traded off the hat), but isn't that, like, abnormal?
  20. This is a bug, but it's not harmful in anyway. The unusual items in the unusual bot are all marked as level 0 ( https://imgur.com/a/CAUjU ). This is on mobile and I have no idea if this is also on desktop.
  21. A day ago i won a raffle https://scrap.tf/raffles/YZA5SB I got a notification that i won an item. But there is no withdraw button, it only shows the time the raffle started/ended I asked live support, they said i already withdrew the item, but i didn't, They told me to make a topic in the forums. I hope any staff will comply and help me with this problem. Best wishes, Doctor Mann.
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