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Found 59 results

  1. When going through My Raffles, the numbered tabs and arrows only go up to a specific number rather than the total available. As seen in the 1st screenshot, the available tabs that are clickable go up to 64, when there are actually 66 total tabs, the last 2 being unable to be accessed aside from changing the URL to the page number. My guess as to the reasoning for it is most likely that any one category in the raffle section being limited to the amount of raffles you've made altogether (2,542 raffles published altogether; 64 pages with 40 raffles each comprises of 2,560 raffle slots). Cancelled raffles still show up in the My Raffles section but don't count towards the total raffles count, thus causing a runoff and pushing off an amount of raffles equivalent to the total raffles you've cancelled to inaccessible tabs. Seems more likely than it simply having a hard limit of 64 pages.
  2. This never happened to me before, all of the sudden I get this "error" Any Suggestions?
  3. The "Create Raffle" page seems to have a glitch in where first going to the private raffle creation page, selecting any entry type that uses another text box, and going to public raffle creation page carries over the visual effect. I have not yet found this to affect the raffle itself, however, it was quite confusing when I first noticed it. First, select Private Raffle in the Create Raffle page and edit the entry type to something such as Secret Link & Password. Next, go back and select Public Raffle in the Create Raffle page and the visual "Password" text box will remain there.
  4. fixed key banking thingy

    is the key banking thingy suppose to show up 2 times or is this only happening for me.
  5. fixed Can't buy skins.

    I've been wanting to buy some skins, but when I hit 'buy skins', it shows nothing. Not even a hint it's loading.
  6. fixed Badge builder loads nothing

    ive been using scarp tf's auto leveler for some time already, now i never came across this problem but the auto leveler is displaying my current steam level as 0 when im currently 11. the same is with badge builder, i would really like to use this service.. so i would appriciate a quick fix for this issue
  7. I jumped on scrap today to check my auctions. When I got on, I noticed the logo was off center. I brought down the menu to select "My Auctions" and saw nothing but white where the links should be. I tried to go to live support, and all I get is "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED". Pls fix
  8. fixed Can't Buy Keys from the Banking there

    I have 29.88 ref and i wanna buy a key, but it say [No bots have that many keys] What is going on? The key price is 28.77/28.88 when this post is posted.
  9. fixed Cant login in scrap.tf

    OpenID failed to validate your account. Try again later. Help?
  10. fixed Entered raffles not showing up

    I'm trying to find the last raffle I entered in a certain tunnel raffle, and it just says that I've never entered a raffle. Any help?
  11. When I went to create a raffle today, I realized some information was missing. Craft numbers and the "crafted by user:" is not showing anymore. Not sure if this is a removed feature or a bug, but I came to report it anyways. For Example, that is my Shotguns Shoulder Gaurd crafted by Hatebi, but on the site, it does not show that anymore like it used to. Thanks in advance.
  12. fixed Privacy Overlay Not Showing

    So if a winner has chosen to remain anonymous in a raffle, it will usually say "This user has chosen to hide their name and avatar" when you hover over their profile picture. But for some reason that doesn't seem to be working, as you can see in this screenshot. It displays it a bit, but it is then cut off. Screenshot was taken on this raffle https://scrap.tf/raffles/BG8K3D
  13. fixed Raffle/Profile Loading

    So for whatever reason, I can't load up raffles or profiles other than my own. Whenever I try, it gives me the 500 - Server Error (linked below), or it doesn't load up whatsoever. This has been going on for a good amount of time, (probably 2 weeks-ish, I don't know, I'm never on the site much), and it has only successfully loaded up once. Note: I can see the raffle page, but loading up a specific page won't work. Yes, this is with all raffles. Okay, so as I was writing I found out that going off of links from Scrap.tf work properly, but copy / pasting links doesn't work. More last minute edits, clicked links from Scrap only work on occasion, with some resulting in the 500 Server Error, while others load up fine. EDIT: Okay, this seems to only be from raffles with high value items involved. Still not sure about profiles, though. EDIT2: Yes, I have tried re-logging, turning off adblock, etc Oh, and loading the links in Incognito works, (although signing in from incognito breaks it,) so I'm suspecting something with my account is preventing it.
  14. Only staff members can undelete comments, so it does not make sense for this button to appear after deleting a comment.
  15. Seems that BBCode does not display properly in the comments of active raffles without a refresh. However, it does seem to work on the megaraffle section, as well as auctions, so would it be possible to implement a change so that that it works on raffles without having to refresh? Here are some screenshots to show what I mean: Megaraffle before posting comment Megaraffle after posting comment Auctions before posting a comment Auctions after Raffles before posting a comment Raffles after As you can see, in the raffle section, the BBCode does not display properly automatically, it requires a refresh, but it does work in the other areas without refreshing. The same is also true for clickable links. Links are clickable automatically on the megaraffle page but not on the normal raffle page, that requires a refresh too. I know this is only a minor issue, but since comments work properly in other areas of the site, I thought it could hopefully work on raffles too. Update: This is also the case for when replies are made to comments.
  16. fixed Unable to raffle Steam and TF2 items

    Latest patch seems to bug the system: I can select Steam items just fine, but whenever I hit the create raffle button, it doesn't "detect" these items despite being selected and tradeable. As you can see here: They're selected, meaning it should be tradeable yet the system fails to properly "read" it and thus making them "nonexistent" to the system. This applies to all backgrounds, cards and emoticons.
  17. fixed Strange weapons banking bug

    You are able to sell "too valuable" strange weapons to the strange bot for 0 keys 0 ref
  18. fixed Pinned Parts blocking Open Tabs

    There may be an issue on the About screen. The transparent blue/green area with user pictures and trades, users, raffles e.t.c. cancels out all other tabs opened over it. It works correctly on the rest of the page. I do not know if this is an issue or not but it seems Strange to me.
  19. fixed i cant pay for my auction bid, BUG

    i won a auction https://scrap.tf/auctions/K017WY but when i clicked the "Finish Bid" button , it would not let me trade, please fix the bots pls if in someway its not fixed by tomorrow, can i have my bid expiration time extended or trade with the user?
  20. It stays as "Preparing your trade" for a very very long time, please help!
  21. fixed Buy Items section is unavailable

    Trying to connect to scrap.tf/items I get HTTP Error 500. I have had this 4 times now (Two times yesterday and two today). I talked to live support once but then it just magically worked without me doing anything..
  22. fixed Buy Items section is unavailable

    Items banking page loads infinitely.
  23. So both the pages for Badge builder and auto leveler aren't loading for me anymore since 2 days. I am quite a high level but 3 days ago they just worked fine, and I was this level back then aswell. Ever since 2 days they haven't loaded at all anymore, I even waited a couple of hours without refreshing but the pages don't show up. Also after a while trying to load the auto leveler I get an error. I already cleared my cookies, tried with another browser but I keep having the same problem and I don't know what exactly I can do right now to fix this. I hope this is enough information about the small problem I have ^^
  24. fixed Problem with buying premium

    I can't buy premium for people on Paypal, It just said "this person is unable to receive money" or something like that, I haven't tried Tf2 items because I don't have Enough, And bitcoin.... no.