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Found 80 results

  1. Not sure if this is an intended feature, but when loading the Raffles by "Time Left" rather than "Newest" and scrolling downwards it only loads about 2 pages of raffles before concluding "That's all, no more!" when that is clearly not all, and there is plenty more. I've never had problems with of this type before, or never noticed it until now.
  2. https://scrap.tf/raffles/99MF4E So I tried to schedule a raffle this morning for 8:30 (AEDT+11) but when I woke up this morning I saw that the raffle had started and finished within a minute. I was able to claim back the rec in the raffle straight away however; I am unsure what happened? This is the exact settings I put for the raffle: https://imgur.com/a/C5v4UHs I have tried this morning to fiddle to figure out what happened, I am unable to set a raffle in the past, unable to set it with no time limit.
  3. I came across an odd raffle bug today. Whenever I've seen a raffle on the very bottom of the first page, going to the second one seems to duplicate the raffle as seen in this picture. (docs link) Also, whenever I join one of them the other gets joined too. I don't know if this is even fixable, I just wanted to report it in case it is. (Also, I have refreshed the page and logged out to no avail. Whenever a new raffle gets put in the spot it ALSO duplicates like that one.) Thanks! Edit: Second screenshot here to prove it's not just one. Edit AGAIN: It went away, but I'm gonna keep this up since other people have found it happening.
  4. While trying to sell my professional killstreak kits, I found an exploit that allows you to bypass the overstock feature and sell the item to the bot without any issues. To prevent others from abusing the exploit, I won't show how to do it here unless asked.
  5. hi, I made a raffle with my phone and as you know if you make a raffle you need to have more than 1 or 2... or 3 words on the raffle name section... but I can make a raffle with only one word but it's only "?" and I can't change it's only ONE word and that one word is, again just a question mark, yeah how to trigger it you may ask... well, just put an emoji that will more likely to appear as a square on your pc... (or any emojis tbh) for example, I will link one of my raffles that I made with this bug included: https://scrap.tf/raffles/5NA9HP I hope you lads can fix this,
  6. Hi, I'm having some trouble trading with any of the bots. If I try to access my backpack, it just says 'error', even with my settings on public.
  7. I've been trying to reconnect to scrap chat for the past two days and it refuses to load. It has me make a new ID code to get into scrap chat for my device and then it's forever stuck in "loading". I was able to log into scrap chat on this device a few days ago but now it's not accepting any of the new codes that I've been using and I have been deleting all the old ones like I'm supposed to.
  8. The title summarize the issue. I can't bid skins or war paints on an auction, when is supposed that I can do it. The example is this https://scrap.tf/auctions/50XBO7
  9. For some reason, when you try using a w in a custom URL for your profile, the site automatically removes it now. I believe it is a bug as there shouldn't be much of a reason for w's to be blocked yet all other letters are still fine. This happens regardless if the person has changed their URL or not. A simple profile update ends up removing the w as well, and possibly even happens automatically even if the individual has not updated their profile in recent times. It isn't a horrible, site-destroying bug, but still a rather irksome one that I think should be addressed whenever it can be.
  10. <3

    fixed GLITCH!!!

    Hey everyone i was trying to use scrap.tf when i stumbled upon this https://imgur.com/gallery/kEO9Z94 As yall can probably tell this is a pretty bad glitch and im trying to report it before someone abuses it i am trying to get in contact with an admin or the owner, so if anyone could help please get in contact with me via steam or email or whatever thank you and have a good one
  11. https://feen.us/j6tsv6.mp4 I don't really know what else to put here.
  12. When selecting items in your inventory that you are going to use for bidding on an auction you can click on the item(s) that is/are up for auction and it puts them in your inventory. You can then put them as payment. I didn't test whether or not you can finish a bid with the items because I knew that you can't cancel bids and I didn't want to potentially steal someone's items.
  13. Since we are getting a lot of bug threads about auctions, we suggest you to post any issues you find with auctions in here. Remember to provide a clear explanation about what's going on, screenshots are welcome. So far, the known bugs are : Item Factor not changing the prices of the items when selecting them. Winner from the auction did not actually win. Empty bids. Chemistry sets might not show if they are collectors or strangifiers, appearing as normal chemistry sets. Bots saying that your item is not in the tf2 inventory. Bot identifier disappears from the item in the site inventory after deselecting it. Prices changing when we change the key's prices. Instant-Buy does not finish auction. Selected items going to the information/warning box once deselected (Pic related) If the items are not showing up, it should mean that we do not have a price for them or that they are not priced enough to get auctioned (not a bug). Carefully well wrapped gift not showing the item inside (Still happening?). Unable to pay with metal if you traded some of it away but still have enough in rec/scrap. You should try turning them into refined in order to fix that(?). Prices changing when we change the key's prices Unable to click on your own auctions Fabricators not showing inputs If you experience the first two, please post about them in here so we can get working on them again and fix your item(s). Fire brick -> Ongoing bugs Teal -> Not a bug or unaware if it is still happening Bold Text -> NEW
  14. So I was trying to purchase a Gold Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk. II from the bot's inventory that was on a 40% discount. Though when I went to trade the bot for the price they were asking for, I had to pay for nearly the standard price it goes for. In this case, I was expected to pay 20.55 Ref, but the bot is asking for 1 Key + 1 Refined for the Sniper Rifle. Is this an error/glitch with the bot itself, or is there something else that I'm missing? Any help / responses according to my issue would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Whenever I'm trying to create a raffle it says "You can only have 5 public and puzzle raffles open at a time" even though my last raffle was ~10 days ago. I tried it on dev.scrap.tf and on the normal site, same result.
  16. I am trying to sell my copy of far cry 3 for 5 tf2 keys i get put into a queue have been in the queue for an hour and then it says error?
  17. Note: Reposting from auction bugs since it's been a week since I posted it and there's no replies, besides, this bug is more a general bug than auction bug. When I use the search for auctions, it doesn't show the ending time. It seems to buffer forever. When I open the auction, the ending time shows on the auction page. I have tested this on multiple auction searches for different items, and its the same for all searches. This bug seemed to have been in existence for at least a few months now from what I've noticed. Thanks for looking into this!❤️️
  18. Cosmetics from the Winter 2016 Collection don't seem to show up in the search page. In the picture below, "Handy Cane" should appear above "Handyman's Handle" as a suggested search. Manually typing it in yields no results even when there are some in the bots. I tried this with the other cosmetics from Winter 2016 and got the same result.
  19. The giftapult in my inventory is shown as non tradable, but it still shows up in the sell items. Currently I only have one giftapult. Bug most likely happens for only overstocked items from my guess. Thanks for your time! ❤️
  20. "cutting the line" button links to this page, which says that the article doesn't exist.
  21. Quite a few auctions and raffles are appearing with this question mark icon and the name "Missing Scheme Item (number)". Starting seeing this yesterday but now it's been happening on more auctions and raffles. It says that the max total upload size is 0.13MB so Ill upload to imgur.com and add the url of the auctions/raffles with the bugged items. In the auctions picture, there are two of those auctions with the bugged items. One of them is below the auction with the mouse over it. https://imgur.com/a/OaoMp9Q https://imgur.com/a/iw9xIN5 https://scrap.tf/auctions/LLTHYT https://scrap.tf/raffles/4KDXOT
  22. If I scroll down enough to make the page load More Raffles, they all appear as if I had not joined them despite me joining them and despite the Counter showing that I have joined most raffles. Within the 40 raffles shown before loading more: After loading more: Counter:
  23. As seen in the image below, instead of saying "Multiple Winners" it says "Many Winners". Not a big issue, but something that could confuse some people who click "Edit Raffle" just before trading. Also, not really a bug, more of a looked over thing. And even if not needed, I added the "inspect" view of the site HTML code.
  24. So if a winner has chosen to remain anonymous in a raffle, it will usually say "This user has chosen to hide their name and avatar" when you hover over their profile picture. But for some reason that doesn't seem to be working, as you can see in this screenshot. It displays it a bit, but it is then cut off. Screenshot was taken on this raffle https://scrap.tf/raffles/BG8K3D
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