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  1. Tried auto scrapping my parts, for a total of over 20 ref, but I waited for over 10 minutes for a bot to finally send me a trade. Nothing. Just stuck at "Preparing your trade." Even when I try to sell everything manually to the bot it still doesn't work. Could this please get fixed?
  2. So,the issue is that you can usually click on items that you are about to trade with the bots. Just like this : https://feen.us/4bnr8r.gif And the only thing that happens is that they light up. You can unclick them,and nothing happens. Hovewer,while trading from the window that gathers all of the bot's backpacks, when you click on the items midtrade,this happens : https://feen.us/z574k8.gif The number suddenly spikes up to the amount of remaining items in bot's backpacks. And suddenly stops after a while,because ? It is a very minor bug,yet i don't see the rea
  3. in file uploads, there's only 'set avatar'
  4. So I found out that saying "tippable" apparently doesn't disable tips. There's probably other words that do so as well, and I'm not exactly sure why.
  5. As seen here, strange parts don't show in the new banking page. Additionally, I think that once this is fixed, items with strange parts attached should be separated from those without (like how painted or killstreak items are now).
  6. When you go Banking and press Buy Unusual it lead you in unusual banking not in the page where you buy unusual. (if this text confuse you sorry, i can not explain better but you can try it like this) 1 and 2 step: http://prntscr.com/hz6glu and it will lead to: http://prntscr.com/hz6h76 it's not some Huge bug but better to be fixed (i did not check the other bankings!)
  7. Currently the Beta Banking page for Items doesn't match the amount of items that are stocked. For instance, on the Beta Banking it shows one Australium Ambassador, but on the Item Prices it shows there are 10 available.
  8. Today, i edited my profile description, and when i came back to re edit it, i discovered that my 'Current' profile discription is not displaying, and i cannot add emotes as well. when copy pasting the text directly from whats displayed on my profile, it did not work here are the screenshots. https://imgur.com/a/hctAF
  9. Anytime I'm on the main page of the site, it makes my cpu usage spike up to 100%. I've confirmed it's exclusively this site, and nothing else was running at the same time. Any suggestions?
  10. so i purchased some stuff and the bot "can't" send me the Genuine AWPer Hand, here's a screenie. [side note] i am not impressed...
  11. Having the issue again for the last 3 days with the quests not showing up again. I had EP saved up from the previous quests so I contributed to the bar, but I have not had any new quests for 3 days.
  12. 14 ref ---> 1.55?? I think not :/ I thought it was because steam api was down but idk I just want to sell my weapons
  13. Hello, I've tried a few times trading some weapons yet the quest doesn't clear It seems I'm not the only one as in the comments of this raffle, some people also seem to have troubles with the quest: https://scrap.tf/raffles/M7B2G6 Thanks. On an (sort of) unrelated side-note, I don't understand what the Holiday Discussions event means when it says: 'Join chat to talk with the members of our community' as I've spoken in the forums and on raffles yet it doesn't seem to clear as well (so I'm stuck with these 2 events)
  14. Look at the image first. That bar keeps staying on my phone when I scroll down which is really annyoing. I can't tap on the items or see what items there are! It's annyoing me and I can't do anything about it! Even it I flip my phone it won't work! I know I could see the desktop version with a option on my phone but I just want to use it normally. Please can you help me?
  15. When I went to goto my shop I saw that Im selling gift cards and store credit? it also seems that everyone's shop is effected
  16. I have a quest to complete a weapon swap, have done 3 of them and still no credit for the weapon swap quest.
  17. https://gyazo.com/137cba20278f63298592081813bb1d18 https://gyazo.com/ee4910413ef22ad7cf4f2b9c2092773b This is 100% a bug, but I don't know what to do about it. Any help?
  18. Sometimes the EP number doesn't update correct leaving to false errors saying one can't buy something when it looks like they should be able to and in rare cases they can have the right amount of points but the sight still displays the error saying they can't buy an item. Here It should say I have 1 EP but it says I have 41 EP making it look like I should be able to buy stuff but I get an error. Refreshing the page proper (f5 or the refresh button) does fix the issue but I shouldn't have to reload the page to get it work
  19. As you can see from the image, I'm looking at a kit fabricator, but the fabricator icon is not shown. Same goes for kit icons and possibly other additional icons that need to be shown. Another thing you can notice is the items are displayed on top of each other instead of next to each other. I have the same problem when viewing an auction from a computer (https://i.imgur.com/ywDgSD1.png). To clairfy, these problems happened right after the website got a holiday theme. Another thing - https://i.imgur.com/aQGhWDF.png Why are some skins missing the "Inspect item" button
  20. Kat

    not bug White Screen

    Welp, its that time of year again, with bugs and glitches. This just started happening and im super confused. In the image it shows the logo, the Steam Group, and some CloudFlare Logo. It Appears It Appears Sometimes But Then Its Normal. Any Help?
  21. Ever since Day 4 of the Holiday Event I'm not getting any new quest, send help thanks!
  22. There's no fricking way this is worth 0.88 ref
  23. So in recent unusual banking . You can choose to buy the unusual you want and stay in queue for 6 minutes until the trade expired before now. It used to be if you failed to accept the trade, for example if you choose to read when th steam is down for maintenance it’s not declinesble or acceptable. But now people just abusing the unusual banking by choose to buy them and stay in the queue for 6 minutes or less then just rebuy it again to keep staying on the queue even I am abusing it since it’s conventience it’s too good to say out. But it’s unfair for others th
  24. If I remember correctly, there should be a timer showing off when the items lower the prices. Proof: and It's broken on the new banking system and the old ones too.
  25. I was using beta for hat banking see all the backpacks at once,I selected a Dark Falkirk Helm For 1.44 refined and paid for it with a Neck wear Head wear worth 1.22 refined but the bot did not charge me the 2 scrap for the difference.
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