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Found 78 results

  1. Idk if this is a bug or not, but I doubt this was intentional. For non-premium users like me, there is a site inventory limit of 5. But, if I gain 5+ items from doing an auction, I can auction those 5+ items, therefore passing the site inventory limit.
  2. I don't think this need a proper explanation, but it there a reason why there is 2 pyrovision google on the auction blacklist?
  3. https://scrap.tf/auctions/VJWKHE I refreshed the page mulitple times to make sure it wasnt just me lagging. the timer was supposed to be reset but it ended the second i was outbid. Why did this happen? Can I prevent this from happening again? Am i the first to experience this?
  4. It looks like the newly listed priced unusuals on scrapprehensive are bugged and overpriced :l Even if the price is decreasing, the price barely drops and takes a super long time. (im new on the forums, sorry)
  5. E.g. my pro ks axtinguisher (seen here: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198822203833#page4 ) is considered to be under 1 ref and completely ignores the killstreak effect when trying to deposit items. I do not have any other axtinguishers and it even showed its nametag before I removed it (debugging problem)
  6. Not sure if this is a bug or not but when a raffle gets closed, this no longer appears on the closed raffle (and it has been removed on all closed raffles). It was kind of a useful notice to have but I don't know if it was intended to be removed.
  7. Right, so I'm not sure where else to ask this, but the option to sell CSGO skins is gone for some reason? Can't find it anymore and neither can my friend. Is this intentional? Couldn't find anywhere to suggest it was changed like that.
  8. Hello. I'm trying to trade a killstreak kit, but everytime I receive this error: When this does not happen, the system remains without sending any exchange requests. I tested the two bots and both have problem. This has been happening for several days.
  9. This might be a possible bug, but I'm able to enter raffles without it needing to reload after I click its "Enter Raffle" button. The button just goes straight into the usual red "Leave Raffle" button after clicking it, without triggering a reload on the whole page. This might be easily abused to enter a lot of raffle quickly, since you don't need to wait for the page to reload after you click the "Enter Raffle" button. This also means that I need to reload the page manually after I enter a raffle to see its entered message.
  10. ok so i was trying to buy 5 craft hats in bulk, and when i did that it gave me 5 of the same hat! is this a bug?
  11. While I was making a raffle, the site kept saying that the trade failed and retried, but I opened Steam to see 8 trade notifications! I accepted one of them and all the others went bad. Scrap.tf told me the trade failed, but it actually still went through. I took some screenshots of my incoming trade history and put them together. I only screenshotted 7, but there was 8. What happened here? Is this something to be concerned about? Can it be fixed?
  12. april fools post removed Link: https://imgur.com/a/VCMfAV2 pretty good joke tbh just telling everyone incase they fall for it
  13. suddenly, i got hit by this error. my IP is mostly static, changing once a few weeks, and my IP hasn't changed in a week or two, so it looks like a bug on scrap's side... and not, i don't share my IP with any other users (to my knowledge)
  14. For some reason, when I go to sell my hats, it says, ''Selling hats is unavailable at this time.'' And when I try to buy hats, NOTHING shows up in the inventory. Please tell me if I can fix this.
  15. so, few months back, i tried to edit my profile after i got SP, but i ran out of lines and text space, so i had to crop it down. now, it's broken even more. last time i had space for 13 lines. now it breaks under 8 i try to link people in scrap.tf, but the last link either brokes and doen't show up. also space between link word and regular word doesn't work and scrap deletes it. i have been informed that this isn't just me and someone have had this same problem. but many people has their links working.
  16. I have a Level 15 Festivized Crusader's Crossbow that I'm trying to turn into some Refined, but it's registering it as a normal Crossbow, and I'll only get a random weapon for it instead of the 43.33 refined value it's listed as. Help?
  17. I was testing my own custom version of an inspect in-game button (What the "Steam" link is in the pic, so ignore that) when I found that some of the skins still had the Inspect in-game button for some reason. They seem completely random, and I've provided some html info with the screenshots. Not the most site-breaking bug, but I figured it would be worth pointing out.
  18. Bit of an odd bug for this late into the event, but the advent raffle tracker is pretty well behind. I'm not sure what might be causing it - maybe timezone shenanigans?
  19. pyro's shotgun is listed as a primary for some reason. the same bug is present on heavy.
  20. Really there is nothing? for 1 day!? plz fix it
  21. hello, I want to sell strange shooting star but it's say ''The item is too valuable to be sold to ScrapTF.'' there's no parts on my strange shooting star.🤔 EDITED: probably because price keys change from scrap.tf, last time I can sell it EDITED: nvm moderator can close it, for some reason I can't close this thread😅 ty
  22. "You seem not to have one of your items anymore" appears with items that were previously used to bid in auction, even if you were outbid. Which makes these items useless as a bid in other auctions.
  23. Edit: Just noticed that my current raffles ( https://scrap.tf/raffles/K0J893 , https://scrap.tf/raffles/6LCVG6 and https://scrap.tf/raffles/Z3L4WJ ) also have their Timer a bit messed: They should have around 1 hour 55-58 minutes left, so again, 4 hours extra, meaning they'll last 1 Day 4 hours, option that can't be chosen. Last night at around 10:40pm (CST) (or around this time when I'm posting this) I set an auction ( https://scrap.tf/auctions/7VN637 ) to last 12 hours, double-checked to make sure that was the case. Today I checked on it and found out the timer had a couple of extra hours. (Screenshot taken at the moment it should've ended if it had the correct time) The time would make the length be around 16 hours, which is not an option you can choose (at least not at the moment). I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, just set it up and created it. The time on my laptop hasn't been altered, it shows the same time on my other devices, ask other people if they see the incorrect time and they said yes
  24. My account's inventory for scrap.tf is bugged. It shows I have 0 items in my account inventory but also says my Inventory is full. I can't deposit or withdrawal any items as the site thinks my account's inventory is both full and empty at the same time. I recall about 2 years ago give or take I deposited 5 items to my account which I had never removed. My guess would be the site still has me on record having these items but in reality the items are no longer there. Note: I do not care about these lost items 1 bit I just want this bug on my account fixed. Here are 2 pictures showing the problem. Also another note this is my 4th time posting this bug report and it gets deleted every time with no response at all... If I could at least get some feedback that would be amazing, thank you.
  25. Hello, I noticed there are 10 Anodized (WW) Strange Holy Mackerels and 1 Basic KS Strange Holy Mackerel in the "Item" bot's backpack. I'm sure this is some glitch considering they belong in skinned and strange weapons respectively. https://scrap.tf/buy/items https://prnt.sc/kb5y4s
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