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Found 77 results

  1. i have 2 scap and im trying to buy the diamondback, original, frontier justice, and holy mackerel, but the trade isnt working, it keeps on saying "sending trade offer", and "failed, retrying". im a f2p but i dont have trade holds. pls help me.
  2. Previous bug that was "fixed" still happens. Non tradable items in inventory still show up when selling items to banking https://imgur.com/a/UkEVA9A
  3. for quite some time, some of the links in raffles have an additional "%C2%A0" on their end added, its more and more annoying when you have to manually fix the link in address bar is there any way to automatically fix this ... dunno, what it is; an user error using the editor, or some bug... there is at least one of these on daily basis.. example from today: https://scrap.tf/raffles/37E6YC
  4. This problem happens to me only in this website. It happens randomly, a random black bar begins to blink in the screen, doesn't matter if you change to another zone of the site, it still appears. It looks like this:
  5. When the mouse hovers over a URL, then the URL will become underlined. However, when there is a space in front of the URL, then that space will also appear underlined. The 1 space after the URL will only be underlined regardless of how many spaces in front of it. 2 and 4 will not change colour when the mouse is hovered over it, as it was initially underlined. This is just a small visual bug that doesn't really do anything, but can annoy some OCD people. Thanks for your time! ❤️
  6. Title kinda explains it. After cancelling the trade to start the raffle, I clicked edit, but it said "You cannot edit this raffle" I click trade items after that then it says "This raffle is not in the correct state". During that time I was able to create an auction, so I wasn't in the queue or anything. I then clicked cancel trade then it was stuck on loading... After all that I refreshed the page and it said that the items are being confirmed and it can take up to 30 minutes if steam is having issues. Once again, I didn't trade in the items, so I don't think this is normal? Steam is currently working fine for me. Is this a bug? Thanks for your time! ❤️
  7. The servers tab, when opened (right click, open in new tab) will lead to the exact same scrap.tf page to be reopened. Perhaps creating a new homepage for servers could resolve this, or removing it from linking you back to the same page. In the screenshot, the mouse was hovering over the servers tab
  8. Several hours ago I traded with ScrapTF | Scrapta Clause to receive some weapons. The bot sent me the same trade offer 3 times and I only accepted one of the trades. I got the items but the bot didn't say that my trade was finished at scrap.tf's site so it kept me in the queue. When I checked the queue's "Trade Offer" button it just led me to a page saying that the trade doesn't exist. I don't use scrap.tf's Trade Offer button link to accept the trades, I accept them through Steam's own plugin. This happened at around 10 AM CET+1. After that I waited for the bot to reset, joined some raffles etc. but it wouldn't snap out of it. I can't trade with the other bots, I can't get my auction wins, just nothing. I tried to log out to see if the bot still remembers the queue and it does. Please fix?
  9. Tried auto scrapping my parts, for a total of over 20 ref, but I waited for over 10 minutes for a bot to finally send me a trade. Nothing. Just stuck at "Preparing your trade." Even when I try to sell everything manually to the bot it still doesn't work. Could this please get fixed?
  10. I've been trying to auto sell my steam cards for a bit, I've tried manually selling cards, and even in lesser quantities so it was less of a load but nothing seems to be working. I'm sorry if it's an easy fix or something out of your control. I'm new to the site and pretty lost. Thank you so much for your time and assistance.
  11. So,the issue is that you can usually click on items that you are about to trade with the bots. Just like this : https://feen.us/4bnr8r.gif And the only thing that happens is that they light up. You can unclick them,and nothing happens. Hovewer,while trading from the window that gathers all of the bot's backpacks, when you click on the items midtrade,this happens : https://feen.us/z574k8.gif The number suddenly spikes up to the amount of remaining items in bot's backpacks. And suddenly stops after a while,because ? It is a very minor bug,yet i don't see the reason why it shouldn't be brought up. it's just a small quality of life (however trivial) change.
  12. in file uploads, there's only 'set avatar'
  13. So I found out that saying "tippable" apparently doesn't disable tips. There's probably other words that do so as well, and I'm not exactly sure why.
  14. As seen here, strange parts don't show in the new banking page. Additionally, I think that once this is fixed, items with strange parts attached should be separated from those without (like how painted or killstreak items are now).
  15. When you go Banking and press Buy Unusual it lead you in unusual banking not in the page where you buy unusual. (if this text confuse you sorry, i can not explain better but you can try it like this) 1 and 2 step: http://prntscr.com/hz6glu and it will lead to: http://prntscr.com/hz6h76 it's not some Huge bug but better to be fixed (i did not check the other bankings!)
  16. Currently the Beta Banking page for Items doesn't match the amount of items that are stocked. For instance, on the Beta Banking it shows one Australium Ambassador, but on the Item Prices it shows there are 10 available.
  17. Anytime I'm on the main page of the site, it makes my cpu usage spike up to 100%. I've confirmed it's exclusively this site, and nothing else was running at the same time. Any suggestions?
  18. so i purchased some stuff and the bot "can't" send me the Genuine AWPer Hand, here's a screenie. [side note] i am not impressed...
  19. Having the issue again for the last 3 days with the quests not showing up again. I had EP saved up from the previous quests so I contributed to the bar, but I have not had any new quests for 3 days.
  20. 14 ref ---> 1.55?? I think not :/ I thought it was because steam api was down but idk I just want to sell my weapons
  21. Hello, I've tried a few times trading some weapons yet the quest doesn't clear It seems I'm not the only one as in the comments of this raffle, some people also seem to have troubles with the quest: https://scrap.tf/raffles/M7B2G6 Thanks. On an (sort of) unrelated side-note, I don't understand what the Holiday Discussions event means when it says: 'Join chat to talk with the members of our community' as I've spoken in the forums and on raffles yet it doesn't seem to clear as well (so I'm stuck with these 2 events)
  22. When I went to goto my shop I saw that Im selling gift cards and store credit? it also seems that everyone's shop is effected
  23. Look at the image first. That bar keeps staying on my phone when I scroll down which is really annyoing. I can't tap on the items or see what items there are! It's annyoing me and I can't do anything about it! Even it I flip my phone it won't work! I know I could see the desktop version with a option on my phone but I just want to use it normally. Please can you help me?
  24. I have a quest to complete a weapon swap, have done 3 of them and still no credit for the weapon swap quest.
  25. https://gyazo.com/137cba20278f63298592081813bb1d18 https://gyazo.com/ee4910413ef22ad7cf4f2b9c2092773b This is 100% a bug, but I don't know what to do about it. Any help?
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