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Found 43 results

  1. Last night, I went onto scrap to bank some skins as I needed the pure for bills. I was also tired and I sold an unusual war paint with the effect hot for the price of a regular war paint. I didn't notice I put in an unusual because of the following: I was selling a bunch of skins in bulk so I wasn't keeping track of what was / wasn't being put in and I've used scrap before for banking items, knowing full and well that unusual banking is in it's own separate category from skin banking I didn't notice any border difference or, at the very least, it was purple which is no different than commando in terms of coloring There was no sudden price jump for what the bot was offering so I didn't think I had put in an unusual, I knew I had a merc stained skin already so that was what I felt like I was putting in This is proof that I sold the skin to RocketScraps, Scrap's skin bot https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198066271242#!/compare/1510185600/1510272000 That is all, thank you! =)
  2. Can you guys fix dis? I just wanted to giveaway 1 item. Why did I win it when it's my own raffle?
  3. Looking around on the bots, I see that the Dragon Slayer Sniper rifle is actually more expensive then the war paint itself. Don't know if this is a bug, but I was told to report it. Thanks! RG404
  4. I created a puzzle raffle that had ended 15 days ago. I logged in today and the site stated I won raffle items that must be withdrawn. When I looked at the items and the raffle it was from, I noticed that those items were from my own raffle. How could I have won a raffle I created myself? Screenshots:
  5. I am trying to trade a cs go skin with Rocket Scrap, and the Steam API being down is causing errors, so the bot is continuously spamming my phone every few seconds with the offer cancelled message. Edit: 1 hour later, still in the queue, can't cancel, still getting spam
  6. User was able to (accidentally) bypass the word filter by changing colors of individual letters. I assume this could apply itself to other word filters that might exist. Not sure if it's a bug or not, but I felt like it should be reported.
  7. Um shit

    not bug Visitor Bug

    New to this forum thingy, not sure if this is a bug, but you can rack up on visitors if you just keep refreshing and visiting your page which makes you popular I guess?
  8. As the title says, I have seen the avatar of some user having the word "avatar" in a circle. Apparently it "fixes itself" over time and it doesn't happens to all user's avatar
  9. So the bot says he has "12 skins in stock" however when you click its not 12, its like 4-5 or less. He also items that he never ever trades like the knife in his inventory.
  10. While on the site, I decided to see what scrap.tf/premium led to since I was just curious. I saw it pulled up the new donation page. I decided to donate. I donated 0.11 USD and now it is only showing that the donation went through on the dev site. Apologies if I accidentally accessed something without permission, but curiosity got the best of me. Hopefully the issue is fixed soon, once again apologies. EDIT: It appears the donation amount has updated, after about 30 minutes. Still unsure if accessing the premium donation page on the regular site is still a bug or not. EDIT 2: Now since the premium donation page is on the normal site this post is a bit useless, sorry for any confusion!
  11. Normally, unread notifications have a white bell icon, and read ones have a black bell. Now it's the other way around! http://imgur.com/a/xtEEK I think this was after the emoticons got updates, but I don't know. Definitely some time today.
  12. While bouncing around the item bots I found out all of them were full and none of them were crossed out similar to:
  13. Scrap.tf will not let me buy keys. Every other single type of banking that i use (hats and weapons only really, haven't tested with others) works, along with depositing/withdrawing inventory items, completing bids on auctions, and depositing/withdrawing in raffles. I have entered my trade URL multiple times and it continuously refuses to work. I've provided multiple screenshots for proof.
  14. Hello dear viewers of this topic. I have had the problem that my reCAPACHA doesn't load on my laptop. I still have to fix this but that's my personal problem. Now I have found out that if I open the reCAPACHA on my mobile phone I can access everything on my laptop again. This "could be used for bot profiles?" since if you manually login from your mobile phone the bot detection is disabled from there on. This has to be at the same moment though. NOTE: I'm not using scripts but this could be a lead to be able to use it or take advantage of the situation! I can explain the steps in the right order to make this "bug" possible but if I post it here someone could already do that. I will add pictures when I am able to capture the happening.
  15. Whenever I get into the unusual banking portion of the site. It always says I have spent too much time even if I only spent like a minute. I can't seem to get it to stop saying that even if I log-out and log back in.
  16. Get this warning when not refreshing my "WEB PAGE" even after i accept the steam trade and now cant use the banking Warning: Do not idle in the queue or else you will be temporarily blocked from unusual banking. Really annoying that it does not check if the trade is done or fails to check and then bans you for it failing
  17. Using the updated mobile version for the hat banking, I came across an issue where it was very hard to use the hat banking section due to the hat category selection pane taking up most o the screen, also not allowing access to the items right at the top of the item selection. Someone fix this. It's annoying
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