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Found 27 results

  1. Hello, Recently I’ve noticed that when I attempt to edit my User Profile, whenever I insert any type of automatic formatting (such as making the text bold or a hyperlink), the space(s) immediately following the formatting will drop off, resulting in this: https://shiny.feen.us/xyhhu5.png So far, I have tested this with most forms of formatting, though this seems to be mostly an issue with automatic formatting (putting in the formatting code does not actually create this problem, but in my tests it’s still affected by it when other forms of formatting are present). I have also not tested this on other parts of the site, though I assume that the results should be the same across the entirety of the site. Thank you for your time.
  2. 󠀡123󠀡

    pending Badge Builder not working

    The badge builder is only loading a couple badges, which occasionally change on a refresh of the page. This is not something new, this happens every few weeks/months. Its gets resolved then again over time less and less badges load until none at all, then it gets fixed and the cycle repeats its been happening for well over a year. Theres periods where the badge builder is awesome and works fine and then weeks where it shows little to nothing. Why is this caused and how can it be resolved? Ive never been irked enough by it until now to make support ticket
  3. DBFC Philip J. Fry

    pending Failed Raffle Item Limit bug

    I tried to create a raffle a few days ago https://scrap.tf/raffles/1XF3UR and the raffle creation failed after a few minutes of the bot trying to create the trade offer. I tried to create another raffle with the same cards and it failed immediately. https://scrap.tf/raffles/MXQS2Z Now when I go to create a new raffle my item limit is 70 (100 - the 30 items from 1XF3UR). Lukiday from support chat asked me to report the bug here. I have verified I have no unwithdrawn items from previous raffles.
  4. So I was making a private raffle and started messing around with some options. I ticked the option to set as a twich raffle, and changed the sub luck up to 30. I then unticked the option for a twitch raffle, but there was an error stating that I needed to link my twitch account. I set the sub luck count back to 0, then I was able to create the raffle. I don't believe the error should be showing up, as it prevented me from creating the raffle. Maybe the error sign should only show up if the option for a twitch raffle is actually ticked, and the account is not linked. Thanks for your time! ❤️
  5. https://scrap.tf/auctions/AKXY1Z - the action. I bid some items to that auction, but someone else bid more.... And I just forget about that auction and lost bid items... But the auctioneer reject highter bid, and my bid was top. And I won that auction, but my items not exist. After that I find the person, who creating bids. He says: "I didn't even get notified that I was out bid" UDP: auctioneer says: "I didn't cancel noone's bid, someone bid higher than you thats all". What? And what happened with last bid? RockSolidWood wants to reverse his last bid and cancel my.
  6. I recently created an auction that has had at least 3 bids that I know happened. However, I haven't received a notification about any of the bids. I was curious if this is a new feature, or potentially a bug. I *believe* I used to get notifications in the past when someone bids, but I could be remembering wrong.
  7. Every unusual's level in Scrapprehensive's inventory is Level 0 which seems unlikely. Nothing major, I just am curious if this is on purpose or an API bug?
  8. Some genuine hat came up in the craft hats in hat banking. It should instead be placed in the higher value hats. Item was genuine crosslinker's coil (hat) Take a look >> https://imgur.com/a/mWytFSC
  9. oske | trade.tf

    pending Bot sent the wrong trade offer

    I have 2 issues. First, 2 of the items were reduced by 20% without any reason. And the second issue is, of course, the price. The bot should've asked for a key and 4 ref I think,I am not sure. I don't wait for the items to load, I just have an extension and click on "Quickly accept", but after some time I realized something was wrong.
  10. On multiple items throughout the strange banking, the discounted items show that the original price is lower than it actually is. The screenshot shows two examples, but the bug seems to apply to most weapons, not all. The bug doesn't seem to affect the actual prices of the items. Please zoom in when opening the attachment. Thanks for your time! ❤️
  11. So I made a auction but all my demoman eye decals are showing as a ? Instead of the eyes. whats wrong with it?
  12. Tokens are displayed as 0.22 ref each in the global selling page but when the trade offer has been sent, the bot only pay 0.16 ref for the token each
  13. I have been watching Royal Scrappy as it was nearing full. I noted some premium hats in it while I was able to browse it the old way (one bot at a time). When I saw it show with the red / indicating its back is nearing full and it won't open it anymore, I then viewed the new all-in-one page and found those same hats listed for sale. I picked one and it did send a trade offer (which I declined, hey it was a really expensive hat ) and appeared willing to let me buy the hat. Seems like the all-in-one page needs to not show those hats until the bots inventory count drops a bit. Royal Scrappy's steam profile inventory page shows 2,473 tf2 items and 13 dota2 items. pcplace
  14. Lemonade

    pending Wrong item given

    Wanted to buy a backburner, confirmed the trade without really looking at the items as I assumed that it would be correct, when i looked on steam i found out that i had been given a sandman instead. Obviously this isnt a big deal because no value is lost and i can buy the winger back with the sandman. But if this issue is not resolved it could be a big problem if this happens with the unusual bot, or any other bot that isnt 1:1 really. Im not requesting a refund but i thought I would post it here so it can be fixed so that theres no other issues like this in the future with other bots.
  15. Saw this on the games list
  16. After items have been selected. (The banking page still remain fine) Search iPhone: (Probably doesn't count)
  17. https://screenshots.firefox.com/59XU4id18n6Xa2SE/scrap.tf https://screenshots.firefox.com/LFnVtGtYPrqYasv2/steamcommunity.com Website says 1.44 ref for desc. tag, bot offers me 1.33 ref. hmmmmm.
  18. Like the title says, I was offered a spy-cicle and atomizer when I clicked autobuy. I checked in game and realized I already had two atomizers, and according to backpack.tf, one is from MVM. https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198219015013
  19. 43Dark_Nero

    pending Search duping search options.

    Basically i was looking for stock weapons and for some reason after I searched "fists" two fists appeared. I put more items in and they were either 1 or just more. Examples below. Don't know how it's happening but i did it twice to see if it was just the one time but it was not.
  20. So, I started a raffle (this one: https://scrap.tf/raffles/V6UTPO/r ) but i didn't traded the raffle items with the bot. I pressed the "Trade items with bot" button, and it said that an error on Steam had occured. So pressed "OK" and tried again, but I've got a warning saying I was in the wrong state, and then the raffle started. I'm kinda worried...
  21. Basically, title. Nothing really big but just wanted to bring attention to it. It seems that the new Skins made via War Paints conflict with the recognition of what weapons you have/don't have in your backpack when you use Auto-Buy. As you can see here: https://gyazo.com/f8468d136d3b6eb56818cb0f4ef0f929 It states that there are no weapons available for me even though if you see here: https://gyazo.com/29633aa5b0cf6eda7e62de953a873d93 I do not have an Unique Tomislav, but rather, I have Tomislav Skins. Another example, but with a Stock Weapon (Scattergun), in the case of Stock Weapons, you can get in the Queue for them with Auto-Buy even though you technically have them in your backpack, but anyways: https://gyazo.com/37444f6bb9c0acba3581b9bb9c4dafed Again, only have Skin variations of the Scattergun: https://gyazo.com/937e5df77de8cae383ad7c6816df89f3
  22. Seems like the function is weird right now. When I use it, the only item the bot is trying to take is my Photo Badge which has a decal and a custom name on it. It completely ignores the other 50+ crafthats in my backpack -- the trade offer is empty other than my Photo Badge.
  23. Neo-gatheo

    pending Edit just delete everything.

    It just show nothing, when I tried to end the edit, it recognize it's too short and doesn't allow me to edit it. When I reload the page it show everything back, I have try to edit 3 raffles and it's all the same.
  24. Obviously not site-breaking, but just a lil' something that should be changed for consistency. Anyway, premium only bots say that "This bot is for donators only." Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/KbVys