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  1. I've checked each hat bot multiple times, refreshed the pages, and even revisited the site a few hours later, only to still be greeted with a blank list of hats available in every hat bot. And I know there are hats in them since not only are some bots in a queue, the bots themselves have hundreds of hats listed on them before visiting them. Not exactly sure WHY this is happening, since this doesn't happen for the Weapons, Items, and all the other bots, just the Hat bots. For further proof of what's happening, I took screenshots of each Hat bot's inventory, which only shows 2/9 Hat bots' inventories. And this was after refreshing the pages each time for each bot. https://imgur.com/a/ez7De
  2. Seems like the function is weird right now. When I use it, the only item the bot is trying to take is my Photo Badge which has a decal and a custom name on it. It completely ignores the other 50+ crafthats in my backpack -- the trade offer is empty other than my Photo Badge.
  3. pending Edit just delete everything.

    It just show nothing, when I tried to end the edit, it recognize it's too short and doesn't allow me to edit it. When I reload the page it show everything back, I have try to edit 3 raffles and it's all the same.
  4. Since quite some time my browser (Chrome 61) lagged really bad so it couldn't even play videos fluently. After resetting / reinstalling / ... it I came to realise one of the websites I am using is the cause. Then through a painful process of finding it it seems that scrap.tf is the cause for it. After inspecting the HTML Markup and thinking about changes I would blame the Ghost animation for it. After further tests (visually disabling it (attribute hidden) and removing it with a userscript before page render) I concluded it really is the cause (or to be exact the animation is). So I would suggest (because you probably don't want to remove the animation) to replace the SVG with a PNG because it is a fixed size either way. I guess the constant animation of the SVG causes it to be rerendered everytime meaning putting quite a load on the browser. I didn't do any extensive tests but it seems out of Edge, Firefox and Chrome only Chrome is affected.
  5. Obviously not site-breaking, but just a lil' something that should be changed for consistency. Anyway, premium only bots say that "This bot is for donators only." Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/KbVys
  6. As seen in the image below, instead of saying "Multiple Winners" it says "Many Winners". Not a big issue, but something that could confuse some people who click "Edit Raffle" just before trading. Also, not really a bug, more of a looked over thing. And even if not needed, I added the "inspect" view of the site HTML code.
  7. When I opened the home page of scrap.tf from my phone this morning, the menu at the top right of the screen that allows you to view raffles, auctions, and banking did not appear. I tapped around for a while, but it seems that the entire menu is gone, not just the image. I can, however, reach the menu by selecting a recent raffle and navigating to the raffles page from there. I have tried clearing my browser history and removing scrap.tf from my bookmarks, but the problem persists. An insignificant problem, but a tad inconvenient. At any rate, thanks for hearing me out.
  8. So I've discovered that when you type in the name of most tiered items (So far I've found that only a few work, such as the Lurker's Leathers) in the site search, no results show up, not even the auto-completion of the name. I'm not certain that it is exclusively tiered items but all the items I've tested it with and have failed to show up were tiered. This other post also brought this issue up back in April. Couldn't find any other posts which acknowlegded this issue. Edit: Some screenshots I guess... https://imgur.com/a/EM50I Obviously I didn't test out every single cosmetic, so it's possible that it also affects non-tiered items...
  9. pending Auction Bugs Megathread

    https://scrap.tf/auctions/LK2WBY the bot is not ending the auction after instant buy has been met...why?
  10. For some reason, scrap.tf shows a gift tag on my item. It doesn't actually have one in-game or when viewing on some other website like bp.tf http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198081308286/inventory/#440_2_5841025062 http://backpack.tf/item/1791080030 You can find several examples in the unusual bot too (posting screenshots of them all takes too much space, but you can check for yourself) http://backpack.tf/item/2299336983 https://steamcommunity.com/id/tf2scrap89/inventory/#440_2_5811576696 http://backpack.tf/item/2764128267 https://steamcommunity.com/id/tf2scrap89/inventory/#440_2_5824059669 http://backpack.tf/item/743594534 https://steamcommunity.com/id/tf2scrap89/inventory/#440_2_5815192661 I believe it is because it had a gift tag before, but it was removed (back when it was still possible). Scrap.tf then hasn't somehow updated that. Doesn't personally trouble me, but it can be misleading in unusual banking or auctions, because gift tags tend to really bring the item's value down.