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Found 44 results

  1. I was updating my profile description to add a Google doc of raffle series I made, but then I went back to the settings to add "and tip milestones." Doing this reset the color, so I went back again and added the BBCode for color, saved it, and the entire section in the settings was wiped clean! Not only that, but it's in a new font and I can't use any formatting tools. Color doesn't work, and trying to use it only breaks that as well. I've refreshed the settings page multiple times, but it's still like this. I've tried copy-pasting everything from the description, only for it to have a pink highlight for some reason and the formatting tools are still broken. Should I try re-writing the entire thing from scratch in BBCode? I'm afraid It'll mess it up even worse. Is this intentional, or did I run into some crazy glitch? I guess I'll keep that little BBCode in the description.
  2. I'll try to make this as clear as possible because I found this kinda hard to explain. I made a raffle and traded the items and everything. I then started typing things for a second raffle, and after writing some stuff down I left the page and did some other stuff. When I came back, my progress on raffle 2 had been overwritten by raffle 1, and now I just had my first raffle typed up instead of the progress for my second raffle. Only happened once and then seemed to stop. Update: Happened again
  3. so, i was bidding on an auction and when a bid for 14ref went in, i tried to bid 1 scrap higher as shown in the image. And when i tried to bid, it would reply with Sniping prevention: please bid 1% higher than the previous bidder, please add 0keys. I lost the auction, but i thought i ask and see if this was a bug. it would sometimes say that the items dont exist in my backpack, and i just figure thats a steam error, though it is annoying. the last problem i have found recently was the fact of how you cant bid strange stock items, like stange bats ,flame throwers and pistols and the lot.
  4. not sure if this was just something that was overlooked or if this is intended, but the blue scarf's description in your collection is just !!!!
  5. This happened recently on an auction I had posted [https://scrap.tf/auctions/CITSAE] There we two people currently having a bidding war, one of them [Person 1] bids exactly 2 keys 20 refined which was the instant-bid I had placed on my auction. I expected the auction to end Immediately but it didn't, the timer didn't stop and the auction didn't end. It instead keeps ticking on until he was outbid by [Person 2] who bid 2 keys 22 refined to which the timer stopped and the auction ended causing [Person] to lose. I've seen this happen to me a couple of times and luckily I didn't get outbid. It can't have been the maintenance that's happening today because this has happened to me way before that. If this is a bug this needs to be fixed fast to ensure no-one loses unfairly to an auction because of this. P.S. Scrap.tf admins, if you read this can you please tell Jesse that he accidentally spelled ''maintence' 'instead of 'maintenance' on his comment he posted today. Thank you. -NATO THE TORNADO
  6. I saw it, I was a little surprised. When I refresh it started to work back (the second one disappeared) but it seemed a bit funny so I'm post this anyway
  7. I don't know the cause but I'm assuming if the raffles are short enough, people can somehow still submit more (public) raffles than is allowed in 24 hours regardless of their premium status(?). Here is a series that a premium user (likely unknowingly) created at the time this thread was posted. The limit for premium is said to be 8 but there is 9 here: 1. https://scrap.tf/raffles/6MS0TX 2. https://scrap.tf/raffles/DABS77 3. https://scrap.tf/raffles/4YQE2Z 4. https://scrap.tf/raffles/HCULL9 5. https://scrap.tf/raffles/O2WKVI 6. https://scrap.tf/raffles/GJFEXJ 7. https://scrap.tf/raffles/13CNSB 8. https://scrap.tf/raffles/4HGQ6K 9. https://scrap.tf/raffles/LX1JZP So it seems that this issue is still persisting and I am creating a thread about it because Jesse said.
  8. (Not trying to be mean or anything to the user, I'm just reporting on this "Potential" bug.) Scheduled Raffles are still able to appear on the raffles page, even if the user is banned. The raffles in question: https://scrap.tf/raffles/ASRR7Z 2nd https://scrap.tf/raffles/AB76GZ 3rd https://scrap.tf/raffles/GLT7BL 4th The user that made them was Community Banned at the time of the 3rd and 4th Raffles getting up on the Public Raffles page because they had scheduled raffles* while they were not banned. And was (Maybe?) banned while the 2nd Raffle was up. An image link just so it looks more professional idk But there is a problem with this, how would this be avoided? Because this seems kind of unavoidable. Like, if the user has scheduled raffles but is permanently banned (For example) Those raffles will still appear. So what? stop those raffles from appearing, or just let them appear. So the problem with this is, probably can't do anything about it then. *Proof of them being scheduled raffles: The starting timers of the raffles are exactly the same, 6:00 AM.
  9. I noticed this weird little bug when someone has a custom title with the @ symbol in it. When you load the page that the user's custom title is on, you briefly see the words [ email protected ] instead of the symbol. The words are also green like a link but it's only there for a split second so I can't click it. Getting the screenshot was enough of a pain. This getting fixed doesn't really matter just wanted to point it out in-case someone wanted to look into it.
  10. It was brought to my attention by SalaDD that there's a bug with Premium Purchase. If you Disable Premium Gifts then this also makes it so you can't buy Premium for Yourself. (screenshot also provided by SalaDD)
  11. [Any auction page (after pressing Bid items button)] - When I point the cursor at any object, it is on the blacklist and is used by some character in the game, it looks like on attachment. The text "This user has blocked skins from being bid" and "Equipped on ..." are not separated. Same result is on https://scrap.tf/sell/skins .
  12. Hello scrap.tf forum, I opened scrap.tf earlier today, and got a notification saying that I had won an item from the Megaraffle. It was a single refined metal, and I went to go withdraw it, while also scrolling over the previous Megaraffle to see the other items that were in it. However, there were no refined metal in the previous mega raffle, and I was not shown in the winners section of the page. Following this discovery, I got a notification saying that the item that I was trying to withdraw didn't exist or that it belonged to another inventory(I don't remember the exact phrasing, and closed the box without thinking to screenshot) I checked my site inventory and the refined metal had disappeared. It seems that scrap.tf gave me a false notification for winning an item. Attached is the screenshot of my notification As far as I know, there was no maintenance break that might have caused the issue, like in this post. If there was, then sorry for the waste of time :/
  13. So, most pages show normal as they should, like homepage, raffles/auction page or those to trade items, like shown, but upon entering the page of a specific raffle it shows from way far. Examples of normal pages and of one raffle page
  14. Alright, so lemme start So, I was auctioning away my Lime Spy Suit, the first time was pretty unsuccessful since the person didn't confirm his auction (No problem, guess he was busy, or just forgot about it) So, I decided to go a second try in auctioning it away. It seemed alright and all, untill I noticed the items weren't the right once... I was confused for a min, and taught it was some sort of bug, so I asked that person who paid for it if he had received the lime suit or anything like that, which he said no. I got really confused and decided to check the previous auctioner who didn't pay for the auction, and... Apparently he managed to pay the auction somehow as I literally saw the lime Spy suit in his Steam inventory. But yet still got auction banned and wasn't online on scrap.tf for a day but managed to pay??? I hope I gave enough description to provide you with as much information as I could The Auction Links: https://scrap.tf/auctions/BEORT6 (the first unsuccessful auction) https://scrap.tf/auctions/GP5WPC (the second auction) Thank you for listening Edit: Apologies for the images not being in order, I’m on phone and dunno how to put them in order.
  15. https://imgur.com/a/Zp1xK7Y Im not sure, if its a visual bug. Or am i missing something about it.
  16. In messages sent on https://scrap.tf/santa , both to your recipient and your gifter, there is a mising space between a user's name and the time since the message was sent. Example:
  17. Title. The site simply can't load my badge progresses, even when steam and trading servers are up. The badge builder page stucks in the loading screen when it's being used. I have all my privacy settings set to "Public".
  18. https://youtu.be/-YiaPraiAOQ https://scrap.tf/auctions/TF7Q02
  19. https://scrap.tf/auctions/88EPQM i made an auction 2 months ago with the length of 1 day but it has been stuck at the "Ending soon" for 2 months i hope u can close it for me
  20. Hello, Recently I’ve noticed that when I attempt to edit my User Profile, whenever I insert any type of automatic formatting (such as making the text bold or a hyperlink), the space(s) immediately following the formatting will drop off, resulting in this: https://shiny.feen.us/xyhhu5.png So far, I have tested this with most forms of formatting, though this seems to be mostly an issue with automatic formatting (putting in the formatting code does not actually create this problem, but in my tests it’s still affected by it when other forms of formatting are present). I have also not tested this on other parts of the site, though I assume that the results should be the same across the entirety of the site. Thank you for your time.
  21. So I was making a private raffle and started messing around with some options. I ticked the option to set as a twich raffle, and changed the sub luck up to 30. I then unticked the option for a twitch raffle, but there was an error stating that I needed to link my twitch account. I set the sub luck count back to 0, then I was able to create the raffle. I don't believe the error should be showing up, as it prevented me from creating the raffle. Maybe the error sign should only show up if the option for a twitch raffle is actually ticked, and the account is not linked. Thanks for your time! ❤️
  22. https://scrap.tf/auctions/AKXY1Z - the action. I bid some items to that auction, but someone else bid more.... And I just forget about that auction and lost bid items... But the auctioneer reject highter bid, and my bid was top. And I won that auction, but my items not exist. After that I find the person, who creating bids. He says: "I didn't even get notified that I was out bid" UDP: auctioneer says: "I didn't cancel noone's bid, someone bid higher than you thats all". What? And what happened with last bid? RockSolidWood wants to reverse his last bid and cancel my.
  23. I recently created an auction that has had at least 3 bids that I know happened. However, I haven't received a notification about any of the bids. I was curious if this is a new feature, or potentially a bug. I *believe* I used to get notifications in the past when someone bids, but I could be remembering wrong.
  24. Every unusual's level in Scrapprehensive's inventory is Level 0 which seems unlikely. Nothing major, I just am curious if this is on purpose or an API bug?
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