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Found 4 results

  1. Why don't you guys buy keys such as the yellow summer 2013 cooler keys, why do you only buy the mann. Co. store keys? i have a key, but i can't sell it..
  2. The key price is out of control but there are some things that can be done 1.Sell buds above market price this will help stabilize the tf2 economy and you get more profit 2.vote on lower key prices a lot this will force the price of keys down eventually 3.Try to balance your inventory so get items idle if needed or craft them if your rich then send them into the system 4.sell keys bellow market price I know this sucks but it must be done Do those 4bsimple things and together we can save the economy
  3. Hello,i want to report a bug of the key(buying/selling im not even sure how they are named bots)there are 2 keys in my inventory.And they are tradable ,but the bot says i got no keys.
  4. Hello, there is a strange bug in the "keys" section that says you can buy x keys and sell x keys (a.k.a the bot has stock) but when you place the amount you want to buy (i selected 1, but they had stock of 5) it says that there aren't enough keys to complete your petition. Still, i refreshed the page and still showed "you can buy: 5". After refreshing 5 times and trying to buy over 10 times, i noticed something was wrong and here i am Someone knows why this happens? -Ghost
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