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Found 2 results

  1. So I would like to ask the whole community, what do you think about scrap.tf prices Ehh? For me, they are a bit low and high, and of course not so updated, I don't know but I think I would suggest that the owners of this sight update the prices? I know the prices are going higher, due to economic reasons on steam (and why did they higher the prices? Well, buy more stuff, Cuz steam highered key price because of people only trading and giving presents) . I'm just looking at other websites I won't name, they, have fair, and updated prices, of tf2 items, and yes I'm talking about Australian wep prices, and other huge costing items. So Wattya think?
  2. What would you buy?... Oh man oh man oh man. If you won the lottery... Let's say.. $3,000,000. What would you buy? The first thing I would buy would probably be a Excalibur Phaeton: And then maybe move into an apartment with a garage and then buy a butt-lord of furniture and stuff. And then I would probably buy plane tickets for everyone, just so we could have a Scrap.tf... meeting... Talking about financing and taxes........ Yes... taxes and such...
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