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Found 2 results

  1. Source 2! Finally announced by Valve as being their second game engine! And with it, comes leaks! Take a look at this picture, and you can see tf_imported! NOTE: I can't enchance the image, this is the size it's stuck at. You can read the reddit about it at: http://www.reddit.com/r/tf2/comments/2d06s1/tf2_ported_to_source_2_basically_confirmed/ So could TF2 be ported to a new engine? This would help improve the game, but since the engine hasn't been used before, except for a couple tests, so this could cause huge bugs in an already buggy game. Is it really worth it? It's up to you gu
  2. I've had a trade offer error recently with selling my Bill's Hat. 3 Bots in a row have said "I could not afford this or meet denominations" I have no idea what denominations mean,but I'm sure its bad. This isn't really some big deal,just a minor problem I've encountered. I've tried to refresh and/or get out of the queue and come back again,but nothing worked. I shall go and try again and see if it works. I will post here again if anything significant happens. Have a nice day/night.
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