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Found 2 results

  1. Source 2! Finally announced by Valve as being their second game engine! And with it, comes leaks! Take a look at this picture, and you can see tf_imported! NOTE: I can't enchance the image, this is the size it's stuck at. You can read the reddit about it at: http://www.reddit.com/r/tf2/comments/2d06s1/tf2_ported_to_source_2_basically_confirmed/ So could TF2 be ported to a new engine? This would help improve the game, but since the engine hasn't been used before, except for a couple tests, so this could cause huge bugs in an already buggy game. Is it really worth it? It's up to you guys! Feel free to discuss it in the comments below!
  2. I've had a trade offer error recently with selling my Bill's Hat. 3 Bots in a row have said "I could not afford this or meet denominations" I have no idea what denominations mean,but I'm sure its bad. This isn't really some big deal,just a minor problem I've encountered. I've tried to refresh and/or get out of the queue and come back again,but nothing worked. I shall go and try again and see if it works. I will post here again if anything significant happens. Have a nice day/night.
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