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Found 1 result

  1. The objective of the game is very simple. You will wish for something and the person below you will grant your wish but will not be exactly what you hoped for. How to play: Player 1: I wish I have a big house. Player 2: Wish granted, but you'll be living with farm animals in it. I wish I can control time. Player 3: Wish granted, but you can only move the time a second in the future once per day. I wish... ..and so on. Rules: -All Forum Rules obviously apply. -Be appropriate at all times and respect other players. -Try not to ask for a wish that you think may be difficult for players to understand. This can cause the game to go dead at some points (which I don't think anybody wants). -Have fun! As the creator of this thread, I will start; I wish i wasn't a tsun
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