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Found 5 results

  1. I Found a bug i crafted in tf2 1 class token and in my inventorie i have 7scrap metal and the bug is: I trade 3 items with the class token and my inv wasn't reset i choose 1item and took the class token (no more in inventorie (no inv reset)) and trade this in trade was 1 scrap from me and the choosen item and another item. (3 items (i forget this i have edit this)) Please fix it for the Banking Weapon bugusing !
  2. Me? I'm waiting for the Kill streak bots to open up again... how long does that usually take?
  3. The bot that is used to trade professional killstreak kit from is full and nobody can trade with it. i have been waiting almost this entire month for it to "empty" but nothing happends. Add a new bot? Empty the current one? i have no professional idea how to solve this good. all i know is that its full and i cant trade what i want with it. love / Olle
  4. When I'm trying to get Priority for 4 scrap the bot just goes like "Couldn't load inventories" or "Fetching offer" or any of those messages and bugs... And when the bot restarts, the same happens and I cant do anything with it to work. It's really annoying... It's just me or anyone else? If anyone else too then please fix this.
  5. We have all been there at one time or another... Browsing through the bots and their endless inventories of discarded weapons craft hats and common items. The something shiny catches your eye and you sit on the edge of your chair as you click the quick by button as fast as humanly possible hoping no one will beat you to it. Then you wait through the que hoping steam doesn't crash or a meteor falls through your living room.... And then finally the trade goes through and you yell and scream and generally make a fool of yourself in celebration. I want you to share those moments on this thread so
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