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  1. I Found a bug i crafted in tf2 1 class token and in my inventorie i have 7scrap metal and the bug is: I trade 3 items with the class token and my inv wasn't reset i choose 1item and took the class token (no more in inventorie (no inv reset)) and trade this in trade was 1 scrap from me and the choosen item and another item. (3 items (i forget this i have edit this)) Please fix it for the Banking Weapon bugusing !
  2. Hello, First of all thank you for reading this post, I've been trying to sell this for about 6 months now and only now I've realized that it isn't sell-able to any bots. I don't know if its men't not to be sold to any bots here (and if so please say) but it is still a Team Fortress 2 cosmetic/hat which if you are selling/buying cosmetics,keys,metal etc... , this it should be sell-able. (sorry for using the world sell-able so many times). Thank you.
  3. Beta

    auction bug

    i traded it my force of nature and it has not ragistered it yet and its been like 20-30 min
  4. ok so i tried to enter a puzzle raffle with a password and it didn't enter me i gave the same password to my brother so he could try to enter the same raffle and it entered him. I am whitelisted. If anyone could inform me on what the problem might be i would be happy.
  5. It's giving me the ol' error message and it's quite frustrating; I want to sell my copy of Rush :/ Everything else works fine.
  6. This is my first bug report, hopefully I'm doing this right. When I go to emote bank, everything works fine until I try to add a :cigar:, then I get this error. http://puu.sh/gsREQ/ca916b740e.pngthe issue has persisted for the last 5 hours, and I've checked the bot's inventory and it has it. If I add other emotes it handles them fine, and if I choose to pay with emotes it just gives me metal for mine. http://puu.sh/gsSmd/c20a6d7f9d.png (Edit:This appears to be happening with all the .11 emotes for me Edit #2:yep, it's any and all emotes that cost a scrap, and it's still happening )
  7. I know this isn't a very significant bug, but whenever you leave a raffle, it will make all entered raffles go from grey to as if you haven't entered them. I probably didn't explain this well so i made a gif of the problem. http://imgur.com/YEUlIEG
  8. I like to raffle a lot but recently I haven't been able to because of some sort of bug. I created a raffle called Nostromo naFACEpalmer and the raffle went up. When I tried to raffle again, it says I cannot raffle because I already have a raffle that I haven't traded the items for. I checked the raffle that they were talking about and the raffle was up with 1,200 people in it. I had traded to item but it says I haven't. When I go the public raffles, it tells me that I need to trade the items but when I try it says I don't have the items (this is because the raffle is already up and the items
  9. Hello everyone, i had a problem with a hat bot (Scraplebeian). I reserve 2 items (Dirty Fedora and Genuine Tartantaloons). The bot only give me the Fedora. Here the proof.
  10. So, whenever you want to go over and buy a killstreak kit from the killstreak kit bots, it always says the bots are full. http://imgur.com/poP7m1i if the image doesn't show up When you mouse over the bots, they say the bot is full. and you when you click on them you get this: http://imgur.com/ITBOEKI if the image doesn't show up
  11. https://forum.scrap.tf/index.php?/topic/1676-wrong-number-of-public-raffles-entered/ Before, it said n+1/n raffles entered where n=raffles available. It was fixed! Now, it says n/n raffles entered (e.g. 69/69) even when you haven't entered all raffles. Entering raffles when it apparently says you've entered all raffles doesn't change anything either.
  12. If you leave any raffle, all raffles mark as not joined, but it joined. P.S: Sorry for my bad english
  13. Hey guys, sorry to bother you again, but every once in a while when I join a raffle, and accidentally double click it very briefly pops up an error asking to stop using alts, now I didn't really mind it that much until I saw another thread mentioning something about it being recorded. Do you guys record stuff like that? If so, I'm not and it kind of sucks if it is being recorded. Thanks and have a good day P.S: couldn't really take a screenshot because the error popped up very briefly
  14. So this raffler set all the items to one number/slot/whatever you call it. This would mean there would only be one winner. Still the raffle page said "multiple winners". It's a small thing but it bothered me anyway. Raffle link: https://scrap.tf/raffles/A8ZJ8JScreenshot of the raffle: http://i.imgur.com/4JWtRRB.png
  15. Today two raffles at the time have used a bug in how inputting a long word will move the enter raffle button so mobile users/computer users who dont know how to find it to enter the raffle cant enter. Examples https://scrap.tf/raffles/0U8GRI https://scrap.tf/raffles/T5NKEV
  16. Hello, I have been noticing a bug that happens every time you hit enter raffle on a password-ed raffle after you submit the right password. It opens a dialog box that usually opens when you hit the back arrow going back to a page where you entered a password or other from information. What I'm assuming is causing this is (since the form for the password and the page itself is essentially the same page itself) is that after the button enters the raffle it preforms a page refresh which is telling the web browser your resending information from a form and pops up a dialog box yelling at y
  17. So, I just went ahead and took a look at the Incinerator bot's Steam inventory, and I see a lot of metal for some reason. It doesn't appear in the inventory view on the site, it probably shouldn't even be there since transactions with it wouldn't ever include metal, so the best option I see here is to allow metal to be taken out of the bot.
  18. The Ponies! link in the site's footer just leads to the index page. URL: https://scrap.tf/CELEBRATION On the celebration page:
  19. Hello, I believe I am supposed to receive a notification in that little person-looking icon next to my username, up there in the top-right corner of the site, each time a thread I have created is replied to, yet I do not. Also, I scrutinize your supposed claim my bug is not a bug. Rules still forbid trading on a trading forum. pls no ban :3 Best wishes, buffermail
  20. Hello, The price of Schadenfreude is incorect. You are buying it for 12.55 refs, and selling it for 7 refs. Therefore I can recursively buy and sell one taunt to completelly hoover content of the inventory of your bot. The price was most likely swapped with the price of unique Shred Alert.
  21. This bug doesn't even allow me to sell my Southern Hospitality wrench and my L'etranger, But it only detects my Buff Banner, Strange Jarate, Strange Direct Hit, and Strange Enforcer.
  22. A client came into support and asked me why there were 721 games in stock when only 71 were displayed. After looking into it a bit, i found that the site is displaying the number of tf2 items in the bot's inventory rather than the number of games in the gift inventory Wasn't sure if this was intended, but i thought i would post it anyway Images:
  23. When I'm trying to get Priority for 4 scrap the bot just goes like "Couldn't load inventories" or "Fetching offer" or any of those messages and bugs... And when the bot restarts, the same happens and I cant do anything with it to work. It's really annoying... It's just me or anyone else? If anyone else too then please fix this.
  24. Hello, there is a strange bug in the "keys" section that says you can buy x keys and sell x keys (a.k.a the bot has stock) but when you place the amount you want to buy (i selected 1, but they had stock of 5) it says that there aren't enough keys to complete your petition. Still, i refreshed the page and still showed "you can buy: 5". After refreshing 5 times and trying to buy over 10 times, i noticed something was wrong and here i am Someone knows why this happens? -Ghost
  25. Theres an issue when i try to enter raffles. On some raffles i click the enter raffle button and the page reloads and i'm in the raffle but sometimes the raffle button doesn't work and i try to click it but nothing happens. Is this happening for anyone else?
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