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Interesting YouTube videos.

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Because there's just been threads made to share a single video, i'm making a Hub Thread. Post it in here, rather than making a separate thread about it.


If it's something expanding on a point you want to discuss, feel free to make your own thread, but if your thread is just going to be a post with the video, then a reply of "wut", "okay" etc, don't waste the space making a thread, just post it in here.


I'm going to be removing any new threads that show up that should have just been posted here.

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With the sudden influx of Undertale, this seems appropriate.


(Also I'm a newbie and thus can not triforce. How do you post a video?)

just post the youtube.com link here (so not the youtu.be) then press enter and hope for the best (same with any image hosted online)

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