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Smissmas 2014....thoughts?

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So, about a week ago, we had the Smissmas 2014 update. 


This Update brought us:


-Festive Weapons

   --Festive Shotgun

   --Festive Backburner

   --Festive Bonk!

   --Festive Bonesaw

   --Festive Revolver

   --Festive Chargin' Targe


-New Weapons (Praise Gaben!)

   --Iron Bomber

   --Quickiebomb Launcher (That name....)

   --The Panic Attack


-New Gamemode



What are your thoughts/opinions on this update now that we have had it for a week? I think it was a pretty nice update, and it can almost be brought up to par with the Mecha-Engie update!

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