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Pewdiepie Tuber Simulator

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Ahhh hell yea


If you don't know yet, Tuber Simulator is a "filthy casual" game on your phone where you build your youtube channel from the ground up and strive to become bigger than pewdiepie. It's the most unrealistic game I have played because of it, but hey what can you do.


Do you guys have this game? Do you find it fun? What do you think?


Personally I check it once a day to see how many views and shit I got and everything. I am no hardcore tuber.



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Yeah, for the most part I really enjoyed playing the game, built around almost 100k subscribers, and I think over 25m views altogether, though that may be significantly less than what I've actually earned, as I haven't played in almost 3 weeks now. I'm currently lv 16 I think, building an average sized gaming paradise, composed with beer, Beer, and MOAR BEER than anyone else has ever seen, etc.


Overall, it may at times seem repetitive, but its the constant gaining and nonstop goal completing (basically, you never don't have a goal to reach), constantly striding you to continue building up your YouTube channel until *insert We Are Number One pun here*.

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