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I'm currently an administrator for a Combine Control server in Garry's Mod.

Unfortunately the server is kinda dead since most of the SeriousRP players are being sucked up by the bigtime more mingier servers.

I don't exactly know if I'm allowed to advertise on the forums so I won't say anything


If you don't know what Combine Control is, it's basically a less serious HL2RP but more in-depth in character development.

Combine Control is where you take the roll of a one of the many citizens/slaves/rebels/metrocops/etc in the universe of Half-life 2.

The whole point of the gamemode is to develop a character, from bottom to top, whatever you want to do.




Also I hereby claim the Garry's Mod discussion forum

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Hola,lo que vengo a decirles ahora es, cambio un juego por el garry s mod, es para poder jugarlo con amigos, sino entren en mi perfil de steam y miren los juego de mis amigos que el que queremos es garry s mod por que es un juego chulo y muy bueno sobretodo con amigos, por favor si len esto mandenlo como regalo y hos prometo de corazon que hos mandare otro y un poco de metal del team for trees 2.

Gracias por su atencion. 


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