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Dota 2

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Step 1: Get Helm.

Step 2: Dominate friendly creep.

Step 3: Attack your Ancients.

Step 4: The enemy just got pushed to your tower, you stacked ancients and now have a little scout  buddy to go poke check their positioning with.

Step 5: The creep dies.


Too bad I'm bad at activating items, this sounds actually kinda powerful to use. Back to just buying 6 itron branches or whatever noobdy stuffs I do.

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1. I can teach you basics, advance (if you wish), doesn't matter if you just started playing it or thinking of starting to play it.  

2. If you want to learn while playing co op bot matches I can play with you.  

3. There are no charges ofcourse.   

4. Just post here a)how much experience you have of dota 2? b)In which region do you find the server? c)Do you have a mic?/ can talk english grammatically correct?


If you have more hours than me in Dota 2, you probably don't need to post in this thread aka troll comments.

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I've played both and I like Dota more. In LoL you don't have all the champions, while in Dota every hero is available. Dota also feels a lot slower and more controlled and I prefer Dota art/graphics. Also with the source 2 port coming up the interface and options are much better than league. League is easier for beginners/casual players tho. It also has a bigger playerbase. In Dota matchmaking can take up 3-4 minutes while in League it never takes longer than a minute. I also like the ranking system in League better. You have actual divisions/ranks while in Dota you just have a number. Although in the end it all comes down to personal preference. 

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