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Favorite Unusual Effect(s)

General Synnacle

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I really love nebula and orbiting fire :3


9 hours ago, Ezekiel said:

Sidenote: I hate how unusuals are priced based on effects.

Well, good looking and/or rare effects are obviously going to cost more, that's just basic supply and demand.

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3 hours ago, Sleme_ said:

Nebulaaaaaaaaaaaa and orbiting Lukidays


You got it wrong, it's Shebulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and Orbiting Lukiday.


My top favorites (not my most favorite) are the newer Neutron Star as well as Eldritch Flame, its counterpart, and most of the second generation effects. Arcana and The Ooze also are good.


My favorite overall is Green Energy, though.


My favorite taunt effect overall is '72, if I found a bug in TF2 and Valve gave me one unusual hat it would have this effect, all the time.


My favorite weapon effect is Isotope, it's cooler than Cool and hotter than Hot. It barely beats Energy Orb, though.

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