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Make Secret Santa easier for users to understand

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This is just a suggestion and I'm not complaining about anything about the event it's self and/or about being banned from events (because I wasn't banned from the event). I think the event is well done :)


  • The problem is newer users don't understand how to summit their gifts after they deposit their gifts, and people don't understand that they need to talk to bother thier gifter and the person they are gifting to.


  • The first thing you should do to make the event more understandable for what people should do is to change the "We'll automate the entire trade process; simply deposit your items, and we'll do the rest." Part of the event tab to say that you have to summit your gift and how to do it (the instructions on how to do it already exists in the help tab so you could post a link to that help thread), because the user still has to summit their gift after they deposit them. Some people who where banned form this event this year had this problem because they didn't know they had to summit their gifts after they deposit them. Doing this will help newer people to the event to know what to do and not get banned


  • The second thing you should do to make the event more understandable is to add somewhere in the event tab that the user has to talk to both their gifter and the person they are gifting to. Doing this will help the user now that they must talk to both people which can save them from being banned from the event.  


  • Notes: I posted the picture to show that what it currently says is misleading. It makes users think they only have to deposit their gifts, when that isn't true. Again I'm not complaining about the event, but I think this needs to be done to help users especially newer users not to get banned. It's too late this year to implement these changes but they could be implemented next year. I'm sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes, I'm dyslexic so spelling/grammar isn't my strong suit.



Edit: Geel has made an announcement about this very thing. He talked about some changes for next year, so this may no longer be necessary.  

Scrap.tf 2.PNG

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