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Looking for some interesting ideas


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Hey all you people, I'm looking to get back into making YouTube videos and looking for some suggestions on what some of you (personally) would like to see within a channel.

I'd like to stay original, and usually create videos on my own terms/time, could either be a nice, long project, or a bunch of smaller things.

I'd love to hear some of your suggestions, thanks!

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(Super late post) Make videos where you walk in the nature and say something nice like information about the area or the nature or compliment the watcher (a feel-good) video.


If you're camera shy then you could try to film some birds on your front yard. Or maybe make timelapse videos where you draw something. Or calligraphy.

Or then you can game. But it's kind of a overused thing these days... Do what you see as best / makes you happy.

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