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Advertising bots stopping key banking

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Every time I go to buy keys there are always 2 or 3 bots with names (as shown below) advertising the site. That's possibly the worst advertising ever. It delayed me from trading with the bot for half an hour and they filled the bot up so I couldn't sell my keys. It went from like 20 keys in the bot to 99 in a few mins. This needs to be stopped.





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8 hours ago, Geel said:

We have identified the users responsible and banned them. Thank you for your report.


geel in the forums?


"Now I've seen everything..."


Also that's a pretty sketchy move for STN to do.

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The owner is saying that he didn't have anything to do with it which doesn't make a whole lot of sense since it was definitely one of their accounts and not someone else impersonating/out to cause trouble for them. Only the account(s)/bots that directly participated in this were banned.


https://rep.tf/76561198311319887 - Banned

https://rep.tf/76561198309291300 - Clean

https://rep.tf/76561198309190452 - Clean




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The STN bot that was banned as said above was definitely run by the owner. The other account with the profile picture that said "Goto STN.scam for Keys" seems fishy as well, What's the chance that 2 STN related accounts would be continually using the banking system at once for 10 mins? STN has always been a dodgy site, first directly copying its layout [from scrap.tf] and design and now this. It only promotes itself from backpack.tf classifieds and has slow (and banned) bots. How can you call yourself reputable when 2 of your bots were straight up banned by Steam!

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It's pretty despicable.

STN Sponsors favored TF2 youtubers, and now a charity event, though what they are doing is far from charitable.. taking keys from a great community and selling it for more ref for profits.


If only those poor fellas knew

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11 hours ago, Jesse | Scrap.TF said:

First one is one of their bots which was automated to trade with us.

Other two are some of their moderators.

Lol doesn't that just prove that the owner knew about at least one? What a scumbag, I haven't been a fan of them since the beginning.

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