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How long have you played tf2 and how many random drop hats did you get

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On 3/24/2017 at 4:13 PM, *** said:

I'll start 

i played for 102 hours and got 2 random drop hats in the span of 5 hours of play time

over 2000+ hours one dropped hat .-. the luck isn't on my side anywhere. 

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Hours launched 615 hours. 

Time AFK 414 hours.

Time in game 201

Hat's collected 8. If you exclude mann up 6 hats. 

2 this week.

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About 800 hours and zero hats. I don't really get the drop system in hats. It's like Valve wants you to buy hats, instead of getting them the free to play way (which is pretty bad and not worth waiting).

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Fixed a sentence and add a bit more too the last sentence.

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