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This is what happens when you have two currencies, with one that's more easily obtained than the other. The one that's more plentiful has a tendency to devalue compared to the other. It's almost like governments get into a snit when this happens in real life!


3 hours ago, Lumberneer said:

Sell 10-15 keys for 20 ref, then go on backpack.tf and recommend that new price is 20 ref.


They tried that with the "Save the Keys 2.33" movement or somesuch thing like that. Didn't work out too well.

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The thing is just fluxuating the price of a key depends on how much ref is in most inventories. A month or 2 ago the price of a key was around 28 ref, but some how a lot of ref disappeared so it dropped to 25 ref. In order to fix this problem for good is to set up a bot that crafts hat's and stuff out of the ref so that notso much is just flouting around. A system in real life like this exists so that when they create new money it won't create inflation. :csdsmile:

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