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What's your favorite loadout as Scout?

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Mine is Stock scattergun, Used to use FAN but that failed. 

Winger/Stockpistol, Winger is sooo much better. Just because you don't hear pew pew pew as much doesn't mean the winger sucks

Boston Basher/Sandman/Fan O war Depends on situation.

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On 6/21/2017 at 2:29 PM, Lumberneer said:


Hey, that's the same as me!


Sometimes I replace the Milk and Fan-o-War with the Lugermorph and Holy Mackerel.

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Semen "Milk"



Because fuck the Shortstop after its unnecessary nerf. Granted, I almost never used Shortstop, I occasionally went back to it at times before the Meet Your Match update that ruined it.

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I use stock for every class (and it's variants[strange festive skin, will be replaced for australium]) except for the spy watch, I use C&D

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