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Major Issue on Server 3

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It has recently come to my attention that there's a pretty big problem on Server 3; the Trade and Idle Server, with the /warp (!warp) command. Now, I'm not entirely sure if /warp is supposed to be accessible by all users; Donor and Non-Donor alike, since the message upon having a warp interrupted goes along the lines of  "[Donor]: Your warp to 'blah blah blah' was canceled due to excessively moving!"; but whether or not it's a typo, gag, or bug, that's not my point. My point is, instead; to ask; why is it possible for regular players to warp to the Admin Room and Apartment Control?


I'm not kidding; this is something players are able to do at any point by way of the /warp command. Normally; when a player types /warp (!warp) they will be given a preset array of teleport destinations. When /warp is used in this fashion, the warps a player can use are under control of the Admins and rooms like the Admin Room and Apartment Control are off limits. However, a player can also type a number to teleport to a specific destination; such as 2 for the Front, 5 for the Entrance/Lobby and 7 for the Boxing Ring. This too; is fine in theory, but unlike the warp dashboard; numerical warping has no checks on a players privilege and allows the player to teleport to ANY destination they choose.




The implications of this ought to be obvious; by way of numerical warps; anyone can use /warp 17 or /warp 18 to wreak havoc upon the server; shown most clearly by a screenshot taken by another Super Donor, Sentork; earlier today. Shown here is an abundance of skeletons rising from hell as well as a fully locked down museum and a rather bewildered chat as well.





My best suggestion would be to do one of the following:


1. If possible; remove /warp 17 and /warp 18 from the warp index or exclude them from regular players. I'm not sure if this is possible; but if it isn't:

2. Remove the ability to numerically warp. This wouldn't be much of a loss since regular warping would still be around, but if even this isn't possible:

3. Remove warps altogether. It's definitely not the best solution, but since when did walking hurt anyone? I wouldn't recommend this unless all other options are impossible; but it's really up to you.



Thank ye kindly for readin' all this and if this is an issue outside of any of your powers; I'd appreciate advice on what to do next. I sincerely want to see these servers succeed, but that seems like an uphill battle when people can just warp into the admin room whenever they please. 




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The "!warp 18" is a huge problem. There have been people camping the admin room with stickies, people have been abusing the doors and skeleton features in the room, and I have even come across an admin impersonator who was claiming he was a server admin because he could access the admin room. Also, warp 17 (Apartment control) was removed from the menu before because people were abusing it. Now that people found out you can still get there, I cannot even step into the apartment without being killed. I hope these issues are fixed soon. Good work on this post, Jolly!

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Well, the problem was fixed, but the solution caused another issue. With the solution of removing the warp feature, it is now impossible to access things like the apartment, the boxing control room, the garden roof, and the VIP room. What I recommend is bringing back the warp feature, but making it donor only like it was intended to be. All the issues with the admin room abuse were with random people (non-donors) who had access to it. There hasn't been a case where a donor has abused the admin room from what I've seen playing on this server. Even if you can't remove access from the admin room by bringing warp back, I am sure us donors are responsible enough to stay out of there. You could even make a server rule stating if you are caught in the admin room or the apartment control room you will be banned for "x" amount of time. I just don't believe removing warp entirely is the correct thing to do since it disallows access to a lot of places on the map. I hope there is a way to resolve this in the near future.

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