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Two Hackers on Server One (Funny Story)

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Soo around 12am EST, two hackers by the name of, "fuck1234 and fuck1234." came on and just started to aimbot players and stuff. So one of my friends, Croagyoshi, on the server told everyone to go on spectator mode. Anyone in spectator mode was either watching these bots kill each other or were trying to contact an admin / moderator. (like I was... where were you guys?) Eventually one of the hackers gets VAC banned and so the original is left on the server, without his buddy with the period at the end of his name. Eventually he gets VAC banned as well and the rest of the people still on the server laugh their asses off, join a team and just continued to have a fun match.




[I have it recorded so I'll update this post later with the video! :)]

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