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Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag

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Why did I create a discussion board for this single mobile app? 


I have not seen any recent forums online that would be of much use, so I figured I might as well discuss shit with other users of both the app and on Scrap.tf.


May as well begin.

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I do. And I transition to them when I get a notification like Monsters Legends and Tap n Riches.

Sure, SAO: MD is not perfect, but at least it's an ACTUAL F2P & F2W [free to win] game that doesn't practically force you to spend dozens of dollars to "regain stamina" so you can play more like Naruto Online and the mobile One Finger Death Punch app, or almost requires you to have shitloads of money to spend it on a gamble or continue the game/ journey like Wizard101.


  • random rewarding, so positive or negative, you decide
  • grinding actually makes a difference 
  • Updated with constant events and shit daily [or at least weekly]
  • The community is memetastic and fun to be invested with.



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