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"Pen Names"

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If you're not familiar with what a "pen name" is, it's basically like an internet persona on paper, like Dr. Suess.

So based off this, what if there was an option [this would most likely be incorporated as a "private profile-exclusive" option to allow the user to have total secrecy instead of only unlisting stuff like their bp.tf page or Steam profile] that would allow you to, say, put a "mask" over your actual Steam username with an artificial name, to give the user a bit more privacy.


Now, I don't know for sure whether this sort of option is possible, since Scrap.tf basically Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V slaps on the user's name based off what their Steam username is, however, if it IS possible, but takes too long to incorporate or install into the system as a controllable option, I understand if you reject the idea.

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