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One time i was playing a lot of tf2. As with all players there is a thing, were everyone leaves the game and there is probably one guy left... And that guy was me. It was a normal cp_freight round. I was just capturing points, spamming 'negative'. The next round, i do the same thing, but suddenly a player joins the game and his name was azizkh2. Judging by his stats: Hats: NONE, Ping: 9000, Experience: NONE he was a new player, playing as Heavy. When i saw him, we were on the stairs at the RED capture point he was so laggy, he tried to shoot me, but i just dodged his bullets. I jumped on his head, he was oblivious as is with new players. I was playing engineer, offensive engineer that round. I grabbed my pistol, shot it at azizkh2 every 2-5 seconds.  He didn't die, i just stood still to see if he shot me (because his ping was so bad and it was so easy to dodge his bullets because of it i wanted to try it), he killed me after a few seconds of him turning around. I said to myself: He's so innocent, clueless and in-experienced. He just installed tf2, i hope he doesn't uninstall it after this match. I saw him again, capturing the white control point. I grabbed my pistol and shot him every 2-5 seconds again. He did the same, missed every shot. I accidentally killed him and i said to myself again: Oh no! I hope he doesn't uninstall the game after this. He didn't leave (Phewf!). I saw him again, He was at the same control point. I shot him from the stairs at the RED base. He stood still near the rails. I saw the train coming and was like: Noo! Azizkh2, move! He didn't notice the train and got run over it. I saw him again, laggy as ever. I tried to make it look that he was 'winning'. I died again, on purpose this time. The timer was 1:52 seconds. We stood at the stairs near BLU base. He shot me, i dodged. I tried to make it that he was practicing his aim. Eventually, he ran of minigun bullets. He stood still like a statue for a few seconds. He was actually switching to his shotgun in that time. He shot me once, i ran and tried to make him practice again. The train came and ran over him again. I wanted to come to him and wait ti'll the timer ran out. It was a stalemate, i didn't see him. He was probably stuck in spawn. I thought to myself: Maybe i should leave the game, besides, he isn't learning anything. I left the game. I wanted to find his profile on steam. Weirdly enough, i didn't find anything. I was sad to see such a in-experienced player probably play his first match on such an empty server. I hope he doesn't uninstall tf2 after that poor experience. Oh! And at one point i typed in the chat: azizkh2, press 'Y' to type in the chat. He didn't respond nor probably try it. 


P.S. If anyone can find him, send him some tips on how to play the game. And if you can, buy him a (probably) brand new router that works wonderfully. Thanks. Oh! And don't say anything mean or misleading to him. Please, that's the last thing he needs as a new player.

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