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A Question for Jesse/ Geel to Answer

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I have a question aimed directly for Jesse/ Geel to personally answer themselves, if they can; 

How long do you expect Scrap.TF to last for?

I've been wondering this question for quite some time, and I assumed at first that, since the site is based entirely around TF2, it'll "seize to exist" shortly after the eventual downfall of TF2's popularity, or it'll change itself to support the next Steam game that has a massive following of fans still invested in it at that point in time, like Dota 2, CS:GO, or whatever game will be massively popular w/ its own Community Market as well. So what I'm really wondering, Jesse, Geel, is: How long do you expect the site to remain on TF2 primarily, and should it come to it, will you change the site to accustom to another game, if TF2's popularity becomes too small to support the site?

Personally, I'm hoping the site lasts longer than the popularity of TF2, and assume it'll last at least 5 more years, so I'd like one of your, or if possible, both of your inputs about it.

- With Love, MangoStarco1421463018aUClW3.png


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