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P2P is a dream for me

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Wanted to add 5 euros to my non-existent steam wallet. I don't know shit about bank accounts and credit cards. So, i asked my parents to let me add 5 euros to my steam wallet. They yelled at me and said "That website probably wants our credit card information and nothing else!". I kept trying to change their minds into thinking that steam is a legitamate website. Their stubborn asses said no. What do i do? I want to become a P2P. I don't have any of those american credit cards. Are there any ways to transfer some money without out of reach credit cards? 

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I don't know if this is a thing where you live, but you can buy with physical money a code that adds to your steam wallet.

You just need to find a store that can sell it

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What Blanc was saying, is that there is such thing as a Steam Gift Card, that you can input the code on the back of it on Steam, and it'll add that card's worth in Steam Wallet funds to your account.

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