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Banned from secret Santa ;-;

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I got removed from the secret santa for not giving a gift. To be honest I forgot the due date and that's my fault. I've participated in the last 2 secret santas, even though during the first one was when eskrow kicked in and I don't own a phone, which kind of messed up my gifting.  The only reason I didnt submit a present was because neither my gifter nor giftee had sent any form of communication to me for over 12 days. My recipient never asked for anything and I really dont want to be banned from all future santa events because I honestly look forward to them. I didn't want to gift some scrap or just a cheap hat, and it's my mistake for not checking the due date, but I really really really don't want to be banned from secret santa. I'll probably be denied another chance but I feel it's worth pleading my case in some way.

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8 hours ago, Shingo Yabuki [BR] | trade.tf said:

The same happened to me.... but i actally gave a present as soon as i got matched with someone :angry:


7 hours ago, Machina Trade.tf said:

I had sent a gift but it didn't go through apparently. No idea why. I really enjoy the event and want to participate

You guys might wanna go to help and support and file a ticket.

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