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Hobokis the Hobo

get items in advance

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46 minutes ago, Hobokis the hobo said:

can we get a thing where we can buy stuff later and get the item now? but their is a limit maybe a week? and when that pass. they`ll be banned for a while or permanently


That could and would basically end up in everything being reserved. Leaving people little to no items to buy.


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8 hours ago, kirby gamez said:

That is one of the absolute worst ideas I've ever heard. If you gave some stranger an expensive item and they said they'd pay back in a week, would you trust them?



That's a system super rigged. 

Reserve an unusual and then never pay,

You just stole someones unusual but hey! at least you got banned? Such an exploitable system haha

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Maybe something that you can reserve an item for 24 hours (non-unusual, and item does not leave the bot's backpack) for premium users (so its not exploitable).

And if the user cancels their reservation, or doesn't finalize the transaction within 24h, a similar punishment to failing to pay for an auction.


I wouldn't use such a feature, but some people might.

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